New trends in the world of home decor

Now is a great time to think about giving your dwelling a revamp as the décor trends for 2020 are better than ever. If you’re feeling in need of a bit of home décor inspiration, then read on for the best 10 tips of the moment.

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Curved Lines

This is not to say that the straight a-lines of mid-century influence have gone, but they are now complemented with curved lines in unexpected places like table and chair bases.

Vinyl Flooring

There’s a revolution in British homes and it’s the reintroduction of vinyl. Vinyls are being designed in ever more exciting patterns, allowing you to add a low cost injection of personality into your home.

White Plaster

Metal finished in white plaster is massive this year. It adds depth and softness whilst happening to be practical too.

Cork Flooring

Cork is a massive trend in flooring at the moment. In fact cork is a massive trend full stop and can be seen everywhere from lamp bases to picture frames. Cork flooring is also available from retailers.

White kitchens

The trend for pristinely white kitchens simply won’t go and will be as big next year as it is this year. Add pops of colour to make a statement.

Custom reclaimed furniture

Both custom and reclaimed furniture have been big business for a while, but the combination is where it’s at. Mirror etching and decoupage are just two ways reclaimed furniture can be customised.

Outdoor fabrics

The use of traditional outdoor fabrics being used in the home is still a big trend and not just because it looks good. Outdoor fabrics such as jute and rattan are incredibly durable and make for fabulous rugs.

Multi Textures

Different textures, whether it’s on the sofa, cushions, counter tops, rugs or curtains are a big trend right now. In fact the more you mix it up the better it looks!

Bright painted accents

Whether it’s just the lower chair leg or a whole table. Brightly painted accents add a contrast to the white kitchens and general minimalism of the hour.

Mixed metals

Once upon a time you chose a metal and stuck with it; door handles, curtain rails, knobs… Now you mix it up with brass, gold, silver and copper for a stunning on-trend effect.

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