Successful Garden Party Planning

If you are looking forward to planning a garden party this summer, then how can you guarantee it’s a success? Here are some top tips to ensure you stage a fantastic get together:

Choose a theme – Having a theme can make choosing decorations and food much easier. It is much easier to tie everything together when you are working on a theme. Decisions can get too difficult and complex when there is a lack of direction.

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Welcome with a wow – If you are planning an evening party, consider welcoming guests with a bit of wow factor which can easily be achieved with lighting. Think fairy lights strung along the driveway or garden path and candles in storm lanterns for a soft, rustic vibe. Lights decorating trees and bushes will also set the scene beautifully.

Consider the weather – For larger gatherings where rushing inside if rains starts is not an option. Consider the benefits of hiring some shelter. A marquee makes the perfect garden party shelter. For details on Marquee Hire Worcester, go to

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Keep guests comfy – Don’t skimp on chairs. If you don’t have enough garden seating, consider picking up second hand ones cheaply. Think outside the box too as you could mix things up by offering bean bags, large cushions and even inflatable chairs for a touch of fun to an outdoor event.

Don’t try too hard – Often the simplest things are the best so keep the theme simple, the food straightforward and focus on comfort to ensure everyone has a great time!


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