How an Interior Designer Can Transform Your Space

There are many aspects of interior design that you can leverage to make impressive visual and functional changes to your living spaces. The furniture items, color palette, and light fixtures you choose help set the tone for the room they’re in and establish a design style that defines your home. However, making design decisions that create a cohesive space can be challenging for many homeowners.

A top interior design firm can help you transform any room of your house and ensure that all your new and existing furnishings, colors, lighting elements, and wall decor work together to create a space that’s sure to impress. A professional interior designer can also help you select countertops and cabinets that establish a timeless appeal for this space for any kitchen design project.

Your interior design should match your lifestyle and add both visual and practical appeal to your space, whether you’re redoing a single room or designing your entire home with professional design assistance. The more prominent design elements in interior design are selected to add clean lines, natural colors, and practical versatility to the space, no matter what design style you’re aiming for in your home. The smaller design elements, however, are in many ways equally important and elevate the space with both functionality and beauty. Here are a few ways an interior designer can help you transform your space.

Furniture Selection

Furniture elements often serve as the centerpiece of the room and establish many of the comforts of home. For both offices and workspaces, your interior designer’s selections should prioritize productivity while still maintaining an elegant, timeless appeal for your home. Certain custom furniture items might seem more like a work of art than a usable installation for your home. However, most interior designers will move away from these products in favor of designs that put functionality first.

Lighting Elements & Fixtures

For spaces such as the kitchen or office, hanging light fixtures add eye-catching visuals to the home and modernize classic design elements. Your interior designer will hand-pick fixtures and accessories that match the placement of furniture, fit the color palette of the room, and establish a luxurious yet comfortable atmosphere. For kitchens, it’s imperative to make selections that can serve as proper task lighting for cooking and food prep tasks.

Choosing a Color Palette

Color selection in interior design sets the tone for the space and establishes a unique atmosphere within each room. Cooler, relaxing color mixes highlight flowing decor, while a warmer palette creates a more welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. To ensure that your design remains timeless, you’ll usually want to stay away from brighter colors, as these are more typically associated with design trends that wear out within a few years.

Wall Decor Curation

High-end interior designers curate artwork and other decorative wall hangings to elevate the aesthetics of the home while boosting the interior design’s stylistic character and charm. Wall decor selections should add a unique touch to the decor and establish a focal point without interrupting the flow of the room’s other design elements. The quality of your wall decor goes a long way in establishing a luxurious appeal throughout the entire space.

Natural Materials

Home furnishings and interior decor should always utilize natural construction materials and fabrics to elevate the timeless appeal of the space, whether it’s the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. For kitchens, in particular, natural building materials help to establish the integrity and timeless appeal of your space. Interior designers can also help you choose fabrics that add texture to the space and establish a cozy atmosphere without making it feel too cluttered or stuffy. This material selection process often goes hand in hand with other interior design processes, such as custom furniture selection and choosing a color palette.

Dynamic Cabinets and Countertops

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) certifies designers in supplying, designing, and arranging custom cabinetry for client homes. These designers can then create storage and shelving space that matches each room’s function and makes organization easy. If you’re aiming for a new stunning kitchen design, custom kitchen cabinets are a must. Luxury interior design firms can help you find the perfect wood finish or marble countertop graining to ensure your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

The best kitchen designs often include outstanding interior elements that take the classic arrangement of the space and modernize it to match the homeowner’s lifestyle. Historical interior designs tell a story and add lasting character to the kitchen. The artisan materials that your interior designer will select for new cabinets and countertops should always be timeless, but at the same time, add a little bit of contemporary flair that never goes out of style.

Establishing Your Interior Design Style

Whether you’re aiming to accentuate your existing traditional interior design style or establish a new modern or contemporary atmosphere in your home, your interior designer will always consider your vision when designing your space. When you’re searching for an interior designer that matches your project timeline and budget, make sure they put their client’s wishes first. Though you should always receive advice about what will look best, you don’t want your designer to overrule your wishes. After all, it’s your space that they are transforming.

Residential vs. Commercial Interior Design

While residential spaces are what most of us imagine when we hear the words “interior design,” commercial spaces can also benefit immensely from this service. If you’re redoing your office interiors, you’ll have the opportunity to add new functional features that boost productivity and establish a more comfortable working environment. If you’re redesigning your storefront or other customer-facing space, interior design services can help increase the appeal of these areas. Many interior design firms that offer residential design services can also help you transform commercial spaces.

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