Lionel Messi house inside and outside

Have you ever wondered what Leo Messi’s house is like? The Argentine and one of the best players in the world moved more than ten years ago to a neighborhood of Castelldefels, 25 km from Barcelona. After changing his house several times, in 2010 he bought a new home where he currently lives with his wife and three children.

Leo Messi has been a living football legend for a long time. The Flea has broken all records and continues to do so Sunday after Sunday. He recently scored Barça’s 4,000 goals at Camp Nou. And not only that but with his 309 goals and 102 assists, he has participated in more than 10% of all those who have sung in the 61-year history of the Barca fief.

Lionel Messi house inside

Lionel Messi house inside

Precisely for that reason, the ten cule is also one of the highest-paid athletes on the planet. This is confirmed by the figures of his last contract, for which a whopping 40 million euros per year is pocketed. A salary with which, logically, you can afford all kinds of luxuries, such as a home of any Hollywood star.

Lionel Messi house outside

Lionel Messi house outside

The palace in question is located in the Bellamar area of ​​Castelldefels, a quiet and residential town located about 20 kilometers from Barcelona. And of course, it has Champions equipment, as it has an outdoor pool, a jacuzzi, a soccer field and all kinds of designer furniture.

4 things you didn’t know about Leo Messi’s house

The couple expanded it by buying adjoining land and also enlarged the house, thus forming a  perfect home for him and his family. The house of Leo Messi in question has a total land of 10 thousand square meters. It is located in an exclusive area called Bellamar, a quiet place, perfect to go unnoticed and avoid being in the spotlight of the curious.

The Barca player lives in a spectacular mansion that has unimaginable luxuries and decoration. It has giant gardens and swimming pools with beautiful sea views, sports areas such as a soccer field, gym, basketball court and much more.

We note that the interior is decorated with considerable designer furniture and combined luxurious floors and walls. Exclusivity order and modernity can be seen in every corner of what they have allowed us to see. Numerous living rooms, rooms with all kinds of comforts and sumptuousness and a family of the happiest is what is in this beautiful house, anyone’s dream!

In addition to enjoying an unbeatable quality of life inside his plot, the footballer also enjoys the best of the companies. He has as neighbors his partners in the field and friends Luis Suárez and Philippe Coutinho.

luxury Caribbean holiday resort

The 5-star resort of Antigua where Leo Messi spends his holidays

Leo Messi has chosen an exotic destination for his summer vacation: Antigua and Barbuda ( Caribbean ). More precisely in Jumby Bay Island. It is a 5-star resort that is much more. It is an island a little less than two kilometers long and entirely occupied by the hotel where the Argentinian champion of Barcelona is spending his holidays with his family.

The resort offers 40 rooms, 13 villas, and 21 private residences, the most expensive from 15,500 euros per night (just like the one chosen by the number 10). The phenomenon of Rosario, in fact, has chosen the same location as its honeymoon in 2017. In the resort, there are tennis courts, a spa and the possibility of diving.

In the 929 square meter resort, nothing is missing: there are six suites, a large living room, a kitchen, a library, and a tennis court. Outside there is a swimming pool that extends to the beach, allowing for a dreamlike view of the sea. The resort also includes five restaurants, a gym, a bar.

For its guests, it is also possible to watch films on the beach. Bicycles, golf carts, and small Jeeps are available to move between the different parts of the complex.

The fake ball-shaped house: There was much talk about that project of a house-shaped like a soccer ball for Lionel Messi, it emerged in 2013, but it was false. “I deny this information. Neither my son nor I have contacted that man. We don’t even know who he is. And we don’t want to make any house,” said Jorge Messi, father of the forward, denying the information at that time.

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