Top window trends to consider

Are you looking to replace the windows within your home? Here is a guide to the top window trends.

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Maximise light

The main function of windows is to allow light to enter our rooms, with one of the key trends  being to maximise the amount of light entering through the window. To boost light levels, and your view outside, opt for a window design with the smallest amount of frame. Aluminium frames are a good option, as they are one of the slimmest window frames available.

Many modern double-glazing units have a night lock fitted that allows the main sash to be opened and locked in position for secure ventilation.

Industrial design

Open-plan living continues to prove popular, as creating airy and light spaces allows sociable cooking, living and eating, and makes the kitchen the heart of the home.

Knocking down walls can only get you so far, however, and this is where steel partition windows and industrial design can come in.

Replacing traditional walls with floor to ceiling Crittall-style steel windows has become a key trend in the mission to create an uncluttered feel and retain light while subtly segmenting spaces. Steel windows with slim, black frames create a striking, minimal look, whereas aluminium doors and windows can be added to the exterior to create a strong, industrial look.

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Aluminium doors and windows are proving increasingly popular and are a top trend for 2018, as slim frames form a simple, clean look while widening your view and maximising light.

Energy-efficient glazing

Double- and triple-glazed windows are an energy-efficient choice for your home in addition to being secure and weatherproof.

If you have a glazed extension, conservatory or a space in your home with a large amount of glass, energy-efficient glass such as low-e glass should be installed. This glass contains a special transparent coating that reduces heat transfer and helps to maintain a comfortable temperature, even in the winter months  If you get a problem with these like cracks or needing a replacement you could try an Emergency Glaziers in Leicester company at sites like

 Low-e glass windows also improve energy efficiency whilst reducing energy bills and your carbon footprint. High performance ultra-low U-value windows can be installed with improved soundproofing to reduce noise if you live in a flight path or by a busy road.

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