Fitted Wardrobe Trends for 2019

Wondering what’s in store for bedroom trends this year? If you’re thinking of installing fitted wardrobes, then you’ll want them to be on trend. Here are the top trends to inspire you this year:

Scandinavian Style Designs

One of the biggest surges in popularity has been for Scandi inspired themed designs such as the subtle yet timelessly classic Scandinavian Pine for fitted wardrobes. Customers are also favouring heavier textures and bolder finishes. Trends for 2019 are therefore seeing a mix of both heavily and slightly textured woodgrains with stunning grain patterns.

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Bold and Bright Finishes

One of the hottest colours tipped for 2019 is spiced honey, a warm amber hue. Other top colours include bright fresh greens. The evidence shows that people are turning away from the safety of neutral colours and dabbling in more creative, bolder colours. This means some outstanding finishes and accent colours to match the wood grain patterns that are popular right now.

Contrasting Effects

Another trend that remains popular this year is installing contrasting finishes. Rather than having a fitted wardrobe that is uniform across the whole unit, customers are choosing to complete the look of their wardrobes with contrasting textures, finishes and styles. This contrasting can work with more traditional furniture as well as modern, contemporary wardrobes. Check out Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes to find your ideal bedroom set up. Lamco Design provide Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes.

Colour on white

If you’re a fan of the minimalistic look of white but worry it’s too stark, adding a dash colour onto a white base is a popular choice. A white painted room with bright white wardrobe doors combined with stunning and eye-catching colourful art or pretty pastels to soften the space.

Grey and colour

Grey has long been a top seller and remains as the colour of the moment. It is everywhere right now but if you’re not content with the monochrome look, grey is easy to pair up with virtually any other colour. For those who like regular change, grey is a sensible choice as you can mix it up whenever you want.

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Industrial theme

Industrial design is incredibly on trend at the moment, combining exposed brick detailing, metallic furniture and earthy tones. This style provides a laidback, calm and cool backdrop to the bedroom and can be reflected in your choice of fitted wardrobe design.

Luxury headboards

Overall bedroom trends to tie in with your fitted wardrobes include having a luxury headboard. This is a perfect way to complete the finish of a room, adding a touch of comfort and creating a glamourous focal point on the bed.


Whatever you’re looking for, bright and natural during the day or moody and romantic for the evening, lighting for the bedroom is important to create the finishing touches to the ambience you want to create. Setting off your fitted wardrobes with the right light that makes you feel comfortable and able to get a good night’s sleep is crucial.

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