How much can the right kitchen add to your property’s value?

Whether you class yourself as a budding chef or just a whizz at using the microwave, as Keyrenter Arkansas Management says, the kitchen is an integral part of any home and as essential as a bathroom. Even if the most you do is ping the odd meal and make lots of cups of tea, it still has its place.

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For many, the kitchen is more than somewhere to produce food. Often regarded as the heart of the home, it projects the character of those living in it and is witness to the ups and downs of family life.

Makeover or change the kitchen to increase the value of your property

For many potential buyers, the thought of having to change the kitchen can be enough to put them off purchasing. Most will think nothing of painting the walls to freshen up a newly-purchased home; however, the upheaval and cost associated with installing a new kitchen is a different matter entirely.

Unsurprisingly, paying some attention to the kitchen before putting your property on the market can pay dividends. According to Virgin Money, your property’s value could be increased by up to six per cent just by updating the kitchen.

It is relatively easy to get big bang for your buck when updating your kitchen. Painting the units, replacing the handles on the doors and putting down some cheap but stylish flooring are all good ways to update a kitchen. Give buyers the impression of a fresh new kitchen and this may be enough to convince them to make that crucial offer.

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Focus the budget for updating the kitchen

Whilst making a kitchen feel new and fresh is important, equally important is ensuring that the structural integrity is good. Doors hanging off their hinges, wonky drawers and missing doorknobs need to be put right.

It is also important to remember that whilst a home buyers survey from a conveyancer such as will not date a kitchen, it will look at the fittings and the overall condition. Ensuring there is nothing for a surveyor to pick up will help the sales process to run smoothly.

Once anything structural has been fixed, attention can be paid to creating a sense of space and light. This can easily be done by painting the walls white, lightening the cupboard doors and/or upgrading the lighting.

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