How Quickly Can I Sell My House In Florida?

You must be in a hurry to get an estimate for home sales timelines in Florida if you’re here. So, I won’t dilly-dally with the information.

Here is a summary of the answer you seek:

  • According to the Realtor October survey, 2022, the average timeline of selling a home in Florida is 79 days.
  • The survey further reveals that the average price of the homes sold was $459,900.

But isn’t 79 days too long to sell a home? What if you must relocate to a new city or country within a week? BTW, is the 79 days timeline to get an offer or close a deal?

More importantly, is there a way to sell your house fast in Florida – quicker than the average timeline?

You’ll have to read this article to find out!

Before I delve into selling homes fast, let’s discuss the timelines. Does it really take 79 days to sell a house in Florida? If yes, why?

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Home In Florida?

Thanks to the Realtor October survey, 2022, we have the recent figures:

  1. Homes listed for sale in Florida will wait an average of 44 days to get an offer.
  2. After the offer, sellers and buyers will spend 35 days (on average) to close the deal.

In total, you need 79 days to sell your home in Florida.

But why does it take so long?

Factors Responsible For The Home Sales Timelines

Local Market Conditions

The number one reason houses take longer to sell is the demand in the local market. If there is no demand, the chances are that listed homes will even take more than 79 days to close.

So, could the solution be to create awareness to jolt the demand for available homes?

It’s not that simple!

Demand is a function of the economy. What is the job market? Are people getting better-paying jobs?

If there were a recession and layoffs, the chances are that no one would be on the lookout for new houses – even if they are unbelievably affordable.

Time/Season Of The Year

Like market conditions, seasons, months, and days also affect the sales of homes. Generally, the demand for houses in March, May, April, and September looks good.

In September, for example, students are resuming, families are moving to new jobs, and changing cities. They would probably be looking for new homes.

For such seasons, you can significantly lower the average 79-day timeline.

Agency Strategy

The ultimate reason homes take time to sell is down to the “middlemen.” Realtors, real estate companies, brokers, and loan companies are chiefly responsible for the delay – with their formalities and strategies.

Worse case: some realtors might not even understand the market enough to list at the right time. And then there are brokers and loan companies who delay loan approval for buyers.

The longer these “middlemen” stall the home-buying process, the lengthier the timeline becomes.

But there’s good news, regardless. You won’t wait 79 days to sell your house in Florida; you can get it done faster.

Sell To Cash Buyers

Indeed, there are discouraging opinions online about cash buyers lowballing sellers. However, that is not always true.

You can sell to a cash buyer and get the best deals – all within a week. Take a leaf from my page!

If I were to sell my house fast to any cash buyer, I would do these:

  • Find 5 cash buyers
  • Consult them and check their reviews
  • I’ll trim down the list to the best 3
  • Then, I’ll compare the offer of the 3 buyers
  • Lastly, I’ll pick the buyer with the best offer and fastest payment

Voila! You just sold your house faster than the conventional 79 days. And without paying extra fees for the “middlemen.”

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