How to Prepare Wooden Crate Garden

The fruit crates have a particular charm because they refer the mind to something natural, fresh and simple that is being lost a bit nowadays. For this reason, simple boxes such as those used to transport fruits and vegetables can be recycled using them in a thousand different ways, as your imagination suggests. But if you want an extra idea I suggest you read this useful guide where I suggest you in a practical and pleasant way how to prepare a wooden crate garden. I am sure that after reading my advice you will be impatient to put them into practice. So what are you waiting for? Get some fruit crates and get to work immediately. You will see what a fantastic result: I guarantee you, dear readers!

How to prepare wooden crate garden?

You will need:

  • Boxes
  • Colors for wood
  • Glass jars
  • Candles

How to Prepare Wooden Crate Garden


With the fruit boxes, it is possible to create beautiful planters for your garden: you just need to stack two or three boxes, after having colored them with your favorite color or even leaving them natural, if you prefer. Inside the newly obtained planters, you can put your compositions, so as to create a very cheerful and welcoming piece of furniture. Place these planters in different places in the garden, in order to have an even more beautiful and original effect. At this point, you just have to enjoy the admiring glances of your guests.


Did you know that with fruit boxes you can make beautiful cabinets that in addition to tastefully furnishing can also be very useful? An inverted box can become a table where you can place a tray for drinks. Other boxes, perhaps colored in the same color as the coffee table, can become a very shabby decor idea as it is in fashion now. What do you think of the idea of ​​using them as a support to place flower pots or the tools you use for gardening? I assure you that this furniture made from boxes make even the barest garden cheerful. Put your creativity into play by experimenting with different solutions. A nice idea can also be to obtain different tables to be placed side by side, alternating the colors two by two.


Do you want to give your garden a vaguely country and Provencal tone? What do you think of a nice centerpiece? Proceed as follows: take an empty fruit box, place glass jars filled with water inside it and place pebbles or other objects of your choice on the bottom, such as shells, beads, etc. If you want to create a romantic centerpiece, place the small candles with their support inside the box and light them during your evenings or your special dinners.

If you love the natural color of wood, do not paint the boxes but protect them with a layer of transparent enamel to protect them from night humidity

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