Cozy Up Your Home with Fireplace Christmas Decor Ideas

Nothing says “home for the holidays” quite like a warm, cozy fireplace decorated for Christmas. As the temperatures drop and snow starts falling, gathering around a crackling fire with a mug of hot cocoa is one of winter’s simple pleasures. Christmas is the perfect time to create an inviting, festive fireside scene that will add cheer and holiday ambiance to your home.

We’ll explore many creative fireplace Christmas decor ways to decorate your fireplace mantel and surround it for Christmas. From stockings and garlands to wreaths and holiday figurines, there are endless options for dressing up your fireplace in seasonal style. Read on for Christmas fireplace decorating ideas that range from rustic and natural to elegant and glamorous. With these inspiring fireplace decoration concepts, you’ll be ready to create a heartwarming holiday hearth that becomes a focal point of festive decor in your home.

DIY Fireplace Christmas Decor Ideas

Here are some popular DIY fireplace Christmas decor ideas:

  • Hang stockings from the mantel: This is a classic Christmas tradition for a reason. It’s a simple way to add some festive cheer to your fireplace, and it’s also a great way to display your kids’ favorite stockings.
  • Place a wreath on the mantel: Another classic Christmas decoration, a wreath is a beautiful way to dress up your fireplace mantel. You can buy a wreath pre-made, or you can make your own using fresh greenery, pinecones, and other natural materials.
  • Garland the mantel with greenery and lights: Garland is a versatile decoration that can be used to adorn your fireplace mantel, staircase, or even your doorway. For a festive Christmas look, use garland made of fresh greenery or artificial greenery with pinecones and berries. You can also add string lights to your garland for a touch of sparkle.
  • Add a Christmas tree to the hearth: If you have a small space, consider adding a miniature Christmas tree to your fireplace hearth. This is a great way to add some festive cheer to your fireplace without taking up too much room.
  • Place candles on the mantel or hearth: Candles add a warm and inviting glow to any room, and they’re especially festive during the Christmas season. Be sure to use flameless candles if you have pets or young children in your home.
  • Add a nativity scene to the hearth: If you’re looking for a more meaningful way to decorate your fireplace for Christmas, consider adding a nativity scene. This is a beautiful way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

DIY Fireplace Christmas Decor Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse Fireplace Christmas Decoration

Channel the charm of an old-fashioned Christmas with a rustic farmhouse style fireplace and mantel decoration theme. This cozy, laidback look mixes natural elements like pinecones, berries, burlap and wood with vintage-inspired accents.

Start with a natural pine garland wrapped along the mantel. Look for one with pinecones, red berries and twigs for multi-texture interest. Or, create your own garland by wiring pine sprigs, leaves, berries and other foraged finds onto a length of jute cord. Hang knit Christmas stockings with classic buffalo check or red-and-black plaid patterns. Fill galvanized buckets with pinecones, birch logs and faux spruce stems for a woodsy seasonal arrangement.

Display vintage-style ceramic Christmas trees, mercury glass candle holders, and red trucks or deer figures along the mantel for nostalgic charm. String warm white fairy lights along the mantel and surround for a magical glow. Top it off with a plaid Christmas tree skirt or red-and-white striped blanket draped at the hearth. The result is a cozy, inviting fireside scene that feels wonderfully nostalgic.

Rustic Elegant Christmas Fireplace

Give your Christmas fireplace decor an elegant twist with metallic, white and natural accents for a look that’s both woodsy and refined. Start by placing matching wreaths at the fireplace and on the mantel. Opt for mixed noble fir, pine and cedar with accents of metallic pinecones and red or champagne-colored berries. Arrange the wreaths with wide, sheer ribbons in shimmering silver, champagne or pale blue.

Display a pair of tall white taper candles or mercury glass candlesticks on the mantel. Hang sheer white or silver stockings with metallic embroidered names. Create a lush garland for the mantel by wiring silver pine sprig picks with faux white berries into fresh cedar, pine or fir greenery. Or accent a natural pine garland with silver pinecones and beads.

Add glass vases of white hydrangea, roses or amaryllis blooms. Place pinecone votives and white birch tree candleholders along the mantel for warm, ambient light. Finish off the look with a white fuzzy tree skirt or faux fur rug for a touch of cozy elegance. The end result is rustic yet refined, perfect for a chic-but-cozy Christmas style.

Classic Christmas Fireplace

You can never go wrong with timeless red, green and gold Christmas decor accents. Create a cheerful, classic Christmas fireplace display with poinsettias, plaid patterns and nostalgic, vintage-style figurines.

For the mantel, hang pure white stockings then fill them with gold-foiled chocolates to set the scene. Wrap the mantel and fireplace surround with a fresh garland of noble fir, pine and cedar. Accent it with red velvet bows and classic red velvet plaid ribbon. Display framed photos of loved ones, pinecone candles, and a white porcelain nativity scene along the mantel.

On the hearth, place glittering gold reindeer and a plush red truck filled with faux evergreen trees and Christmas gift boxes. Set glass hurricane candle holders filled with red and green pillar candles on either side. The warm glow enhances the traditional Christmas colors and charm. Add the final flourish of a lush poinsettia plant in a gold ceramic planter. The overall look is timelessly festive.

Modern Glam Christmas Fireplace

Modern Glam Christmas Fireplace

For contemporary Christmas flair, go for a dramatic, glamorous style mantel and fireplace display. Start by placing tall glass vases filled with pine, eucalyptus and sparkling ornaments on the ends of the mantel. Experiment with unconventional materials like birch logs, river rocks, shells or coffee beans as filler.

Wrap the mantel with wide black velvet ribbon secured with large glass rhinestone-encrusted pins. Hang elegant black or white stockings with metallic lettering. Display black and white holiday photos in simple modern frames along the length of the mantel.

Place tall white candles in mercury glass holders of varying heights along the center, and top them with sprigs of eucalyptus for organic texture. Lay a black-and-white buffalo blanket at the hearth along with a few shiny gift boxes stacked like stepping stones. The sophisticated color palette with metallics, velvet and glass makes for a glamorous modern Christmas style.

Woodland Christmas Fireplace

Bring the beauty of the wintry outdoors inside with natural woodland inspired fireplace decor. Start by wrapping pine garland around natural birch logs and displaying them at the ends of the mantel. Or arrange stumps of varying heights as pedestals for mercury glass lanterns and pinecone candles.

Make a woodland garland with foraged finds like pinecones, acorns, and fallen evergreen branches, and wrap white fairy string lights throughout. Display vintage sleds, skis or snowshoes on the hearth for rustic winter charm. Wrap plaid blankets around the firewood to continue the cozy cabin theme.

Carry the woodsy theme to the stockings by opting for faux fur, buffalo check or solid evergreen colors. Choose animal figurines like deer, foxes or raccoons to dot along the mantel. Place pine stem flower arrangements in galvanized buckets or wooden boxes for organic texture. The overall effect is whisking you away to a charming winter cabin in the woods.

Burlap & Plaid Farmhouse Fireplace

Incorporate natural burlap and classic buffalo plaid to create a cozy, downhome farmhouse style Christmas fireplace. Wrap natural jute burlap ribbon around a mixed evergreen garland, tying it along the way with plaid print bows or fabric strips. Tip: Soak the burlap in a half/half solution of water and craft glue so it stiffens slightly and holds its shape better.

Display a plaid Christmas tree skirt underneath wood logs or a rustic wooden sleigh placed at the hearth. Include folksy accents like miniature snow-dotted churches, red trucks, and carolers. Hang red and black buffalo plaid stockings with white fur trim along the mantel.

Scatter faux green spruce stems around mercury glass votives and pillar candles for warm, welcoming light. The combination of the natural jute and classic plaid patterns gives off the cozy vibe of an old country homestead at Christmastime.

Silver & Blue Icy Fireplace

For a frosty, icy take on Christmas fireplace decor, stick with cool tones of sparkling silver, snowy white and pale wintry blues. Start by draping sheer silver and white beaded garland around the mantel and fireplace surround. Look for one with crystal snowflakes and icicles hanging down for frozen flair. Display silver candle holders of varying heights along the mantel, and place glittering snowflake candles inside.

Hang silvery blue stockings with white faux fur trim, and fill them with silvery mini pinecones as frozen “stocking stuffers.” Arrange birch tree logs dusted with fake snow in the fireplace or at the hearth. Place glass pebbles or chunks of ice in glass hurricane lamps and large glass apothecary jars for an icy effect.

Dot the mantel with accents like snowy owls, sparkling snow globes, and white pinecones. The cool color scheme with shimmering accents evokes the magic of a peaceful winter wonderland.

Natural Green & Gold Fireplace

Embrace the natural beauty of evergreens paired with the warm glow of gold for an organic yet festive fireplace display. Wrap fresh mixed garland around the mantel, using decorative gold wire or ribbon to secure it. Accent with clusters of gold berries or metallic magnolia leaves throughout for a touch of shine. Display gold mercury glass votives nestled in between evergreen sprigs and pinecones along the mantel for ambience.

Hang natural jute stockings and fill them with gold-foil chocolates for a sweet surprise. At the hearth, stack gold birch logs into a pyramid shape and lean a small live evergreen tree or large pine sprig against it. Place gold-rimmed glass terrariums filled with mini pine trees, spruce clippings and pinecones. The earthy greens contrasted with the metallic gold glow create a very merry, yet relaxed natural style.

Farm Fresh Christmas Fireplace

Farm Fresh Christmas Fireplace

Capture the bounty of the season with farm fresh fruits, veggies and plants for a Harvest-inspired Christmas fireplace. Arrange pears, apples, lemons, limes, pomegranates and kumquats in bowls and baskets along the mantel. Intersperse small potted herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage for texture.

Make a garland using wired red and green chili pepper lights for a bit of festive sparkle. Display a live miniature rosemary Christmas tree in a metal bucket tucked near the hearth. Stack real pumpkins or winter squashes at the fireplace in a pyramid shape and top with a plaid ribbon bow.

Wrap plaid blankets around firewood logs and arrange galvanized buckets filled with bundles of wheat and dried cornhusks. The colors and textures of the fall harvest make for a unique natural style mantel and fireplace display.

Birch Log & Burlap Fireplace

The natural beauty of birch wood paired with homespun burlap makes for an easy, organic Christmas fireplace decoration. Start by stacking bleached birch logs inside the fireplace in a log cabin style. Or arrange smaller cut birch logs horizontally along the mantel. Wrap burlap ribbon around the logs and secure with jute twine.

Create mini birch log Christmas trees by attaching small cut logs into cone shapes. Place the trees on the mantel and string with warm white lights. Hang red burlap stockings with white faux fur trim over the mantel.

Display natural accents like pinecones, acorns, mini pine trees, and sprigs of cedar or fir in galvanized buckets and wooden boxes. The birch and burlap combination gives off a rustic cabin vibe that feels warm and woodsy for Christmas.

Red, Pink & Gold Glam Fireplace

For serious holiday glam, deck out the fireplace in gorgeous reds, pinks and gold. Start by placing matching red and pink poinsettia floral arrangements on the mantel. Opt for an assortment of natural and glittery faux white and pink flowers for added drama. Wrap the mantel in wide pink velvet ribbon and make a coordinated bow centerpiece embellished with beads and baubles.

Stuff red velvet stockings with gold-foiled chocolates and glitter lip gloss for some stocking sparkle. Display leaning “LOVE” letter art or the words “Noel” in glossy red letters along the mantel. Place glass bowls and urns filled with red glass ornaments and pinecones, and top with battery operated string lights. The bold colors and metallics command attention for non-stop Christmas glam and cheer.

Whimsical Woodland Fireplace

If you love injecting playful personality and whimsy into fireplace Christmas decor, create a magical woodland mantel and fireplace scene. Start by draping pine garland across the mantel and securing it to the wall on either side. Tuck in fairy lights throughout the greenery, and top it with sweet woodland creatures like birds, foxes, hedgehogs, bunnies, and deer.

Display vintage-inspired metal “North Pole” signage and letters that spell out “Believe.” Hang red knit stockings and fill them with mini pinecones, candy canes, and notes of encouragement or holiday wishes. Arrange a winter village set around glass candle holders and pine sprigs for an enchanting vignette.

Fill galvanized buckets with mini evergreen trees, wood slices, and pinecones for organic texture. Top with whimsical reindeer figurines and a big red truck packed full with faux gifts. The charming, playful touches will make your fireplace mantel a magical, merry experience.

Holly Jolly Christmas Fireplace

Capture the bright, playful spirit of Christmas with a mantel decorated in classic reds, greens and peppermint candy accents. Start with two large stockings hung side-by-side made of red velvet or felt, trimmed in fluffy white fur. Fill them over-the-top with more white fluff, peppermint sticks, and chocolates for a fun peek-a-boo effect.

Arrange plush glittering green wreaths along the mantel, and wire in accents of holly berries, pinecones, and red and white swirl lollipops. Display framed family photos between the wreaths, placing a peppermint in front of each frame for added whimsy.

At the hearth, set out trusty black boots filled with small wrapped gifts, a snow globe, and a classic red truck packed with mini trees. Topping it off with a “Ho Ho Ho” banner or sign brings home the playful spirit of the season.

Simple & Natural Fireplace

If you prefer an understated holiday style, keep it lovely yet low-key with natural elements and minimal decor. Choose a simple, fresh pine garland and wrap it along the mantel. Accent it only with a big plaid bow in the center and a sprig of holly berries on each side. Hang four burlap stockings in natural jute or red, each with a different typed name like “Mom” or “Dad.”

Inside the fireplace, stack mini pine or cedar logs into a log cabin style tower. At the hearth, set out mercury glass votives and pillar candles for warm ambient light. Add potted paperwhites, a mini rosemary Christmas tree, or simple white amaryllis arrangement.

The result is a quietly elegant, organic Christmas look that highlights the beauty of natural materials. A simple yet meaningful nativity scene, or display of holiday cards also enhances the mantel in a minimal, graceful way for those who prefer less fuss.

Vintage Chic Christmas Fireplace

Give your fireplace old-fashioned flair with candles, typography and nostalgic, vintage-inspired accents. Arrange taper and pillar candles in mercury glass holders across the mantle in varying heights. Place them on small wood slices for organic texture and wrap some with jute twine accented with sprigs of greens or small red berries.

Display a wooden “Noel” sign and rustic snow-dusted church. Include vintage bottlebrush trees, skates, and caroler figurines along the mantel to enhance the old-world vibe. Fill red knit stockings with vintage-style ornaments and mini gift boxes.

At the hearth, arrange faux gift towers and wrap them with twine and pine sprigs. Lay a red-and-white striped wool blanket underneath for a classic candy cane color palette. The overall look is crisp, festive and reminiscent of Christmases past.

Merry & Bright Fireplace Mantels

When decking out your fireplace, don’t forget about the mantle itself! Use traditional fireplace christmas decor to amplify the cozy style. For a classic look, secure fresh pine roping along the front and sides of the wooden mantel. Accent with clusters of large red berries and pinecones, and wrap wide plaid ribbon at the corners. Or, create paper rosettes from sheet music or newspaper ads, dot with craft glue and affix all across the mantel.

For a more natural style, wire mini white fairy lights throughout live garlands of cedar, magnolia leaves, and fir. Accent a pine garland with pops of shiny gold, burgundy, or chartreuse foliage for striking color contrast. Take inspiration from nature and wrap birch bark rectangles all along the mantel’s edge. Adhere large pinecones, clusters of acorns, or sprigs along the way.

Get creative with nontraditional materials like wood slices, cinnamon sticks, Baker’s twine, shells, and dried citrus. The options for decorating the physical mantel itself are endless! Add handcrafted charm by accenting with pine sprigs, woven ribbons, ornaments, berries and candles. Your personalized touch will make the mantel even more special.

Festive Fireplace Christmas Stockings

Once you’ve decked the rest of the fireplace, give special attention to the stockings! They’re a highlight of the holiday mantel. For a personalized touch, hang stockings with family member names embroidered or applied in glitter, rhinestones, puffy paint or applique.

Look for stockings made from luxe materials like faux fur, velvet, or faux leather in festive colors and patterns. Go beyond traditional red, green and plaid with metallics, buffalo check, snowy white fur or glitter accents. Stockings made from woodgrain, burlap and knit fabrics add natural charm. For kids, use whimsical patterns like trains, snowmen or reindeer.

Twinkling Fireplace Mantel

Create a magical, twinkling fireplace mantel display by incorporating string lights. Wrap clear fairy or LED string lights around mixed garland, a pine roping wreath, or the outer edges of the mantel. Outline windows, mirrors or artwork above the mantel in mini lights.

Use clip-on candlestick lights to make mercury glass votives glow. Hide lights inside paper luminaries, glass jars or vases of ornaments for a festive sparkling look. Place battery-operated taper candles along the mantle and switch them on just before guests arrive. The warm ambient lighting makes for an especially glowing, welcoming holiday setting.

Full-to-the-Brim Stockings

For fun holiday decor, fill your stockings to overflowing with small surprises! Start by rolling up small notecards with holiday wishes inside and securing them with ribbon. Add polished rocks, mini pinecones, acorns and chestnuts collected from outside for natural texture. Toss in packs of hot cocoa, candy canes, whistles, bouncy balls and other fun stocking stuffer toys. Top with colorful metallic shred, tissue paper, evergreen sprigs and big plush bows. Arrange them artfully so treasures are spilling out of the stockings onto the floor or mantel for a playful display.

Hanukkah Fireplace Mantel

Decorate your fireplace mantel for Hanukkah with blue, silver and white decor in tribute to the holiday colors. Drape the mantel with silver tinsel garland accented with ornamental dreidels.Display a menorah with electric candles prominently in the center. Frame family photos in blue and silver mats and arrange along the mantel.

Fill white stockings with foil-wrapped chocolate gelt coins, small dreidels, menorah candles and notes with messages of hope and happiness. Arrange glass vases filled with silver or blue ornaments. Top the mantel off with silver and blue patterned runners and soft pillows with Stars of David embroidery.

Kwanzaa Fireplace Mantel

Honor Kwanzaa with meaningful symbolic decorations on the holiday mantel. Drape the fireplace with garlands of African brocade fabric in black, red and green. Display black, red and green candles representing the seven principles in beautiful carved holders. Arrange fruit and vegetables like corn, sweet potatoes and oranges representing the harvest.

Include African artwork and sculpture. Create a centerpiece of stalks of unhusked corn tied together with raffia. Display children’s homemade Kwanzaa cards and ornaments. The goal is surrounding the family with items that honor history and celebrate the seven guiding principles.

No Mantel Fireplace Christmas Decor

No mantel fireplace Christmas decor is a great option for those who don’t have a mantel or who want to create a more modern look. There are many different ways to decorate a fireplace without a mantel, and you can use a variety of materials and techniques to create the perfect look for your home.

One popular way to decorate a fireplace without a mantel is to use stockings. You can hang stockings from the fireplace itself, or you can use a stocking hanger to hang them from the wall above the fireplace. If you’re using a stocking hanger, be sure to choose one that is the right size and weight for your stockings.

Another popular way to decorate a fireplace without a mantel is to use garlands and wreaths. You can hang garlands and wreaths from the fireplace itself, or you can hang them from the wall above the fireplace. If you’re hanging garlands and wreaths from the fireplace, be sure to use secure hooks or nails.

You can also use other types of Christmas decorations to decorate a fireplace without a mantel. For example, you can place a Christmas tree on the hearth of the fireplace, or you can hang Christmas ornaments from the fireplace itself. You can also use Christmas lights to decorate the fireplace.

Additional tips for no mantel fireplace Christmas decor

Here are some additional tips for decorating a fireplace without a mantel:

  • Use a variety of materials and textures to create a visually interesting display. For example, you could use a mix of fabric, wood, and metal decorations.
  • Use different heights and levels to create a sense of depth. For example, you could place a Christmas tree on the hearth of the fireplace and then hang stockings from the wall above the fireplace.
  • Use light and shadow to create a dramatic effect. For example, you could place a spotlight on a Christmas tree or hang a wreath in front of a mirror.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative. There are no rules when it comes to decorating a fireplace without a mantel, so have fun and experiment until you find a look that you love.

Natural Green Fireplace

Embrace the beauty of fresh evergreens and natural accents for an earthy, organic holiday fireplace design. Start by draping fresh unadorned pine garlands along the mantel. Accent them with clusters of pinecones, magnolia leaves, bare twigs and acorn sprigs. Fill hurricane lanterns with magnolia leaves and place white pillar candles inside. Set a large glass terrarium filled with mini pine trees and clippings on the hearth.

Surround with birch logs, galvanized buckets of pine sprigs, and potted herbs like rosemary and thyme. Hang simple burlap stockings and fill glasses with chestnuts and pinecones. The key is keeping the decor entirely organic and uncomplicated. The result is elegant and lets the beauty of nature shine.

Cozy Cabin Christmas Fireplace

Cozy Cabin Christmas Fireplace

Give your fireplace rustic cabin charm with natural unfinished wood, plaid blankets, and outdoorsy accents. Start by stacking cut raw pine logs inside the fireplace and at the hearth. Drape handknit blankets and throws in buffalo check or Fair Isle patterns over the surrounding chairs and sofas.

On the mantel, display vintage snow shoes, wooden sleds, and skis. Arrange a set of antlers, pinecones, stacked books, and faux spruce stems. Fill galvanized buckets with cedar and fir clippings. Hang thick knit stockings in earthy colors like loden green, mustard yellow, and cream. The cozy outdoorsy touches evoke wintry days relaxing in a mountain cabin.

Nordic Noel Fireplace

Create a stunning Nordic inspired holiday fireplace with foraged natural elements, pops of crimson and loads of candles. Wrap pine roping along the mantel and surround, securing it with clusters of acorns, spruce tips and pinecones gathered from outside. In the fireplace, arrange chunky cut birch logs and pine stems.

Mix glass apothecary jars and hurricane lanterns filled with red candles, fresh cranberries or spruce trimmings. Display natural wreaths with taper candles embedded into them for dramatic flair. Include foraged accents like birch bark, fresh cedar, magnolia leaves and winter berries for organic texture. Simple cream stockings lined in red plaid complete the Scandinavian nature style.

Merry & Bright Fireplace Garlands

Garlands are a quick, festive way to decorate the fireplace that make a big visual impact. For classic holiday style, wrap a fir, pine or cedar garland along the mantel. Accent it with large red or green velvet bows, pinecones, and clusters of cranberries. Add pops of color and shine by wiring in gold, champagne, or red berry picks throughout.

For an organic look, gather magnolia branches, bare birch twigs, fresh cedar sprigs, and pine. Wire them together with floral stems and clippings from a winter garden. Accent with foraged finds like acorns, dried citrus slices, and pinecones.

Get creative using nontraditional garlands materials like fresh cranberries, linked cinnamon sticks, strung popcorn, draped origami paper snowflakes, or cascading tinsel icicles. The fireplace christmas decor options for crafting a custom, handmade garland are endless!

Glamorous Holiday Candles

Candles make any fireplace from basic to fabulous. Create striking height variation by displaying pillar and taper candles of different sizes along the mantle. Seek out candles that make a statement like ones with jewel-toned colors, heavy glitter, wax drips, or bold patterns. Arrange candles on mirrors, wood slices, glass pedestals, or cake platters for drama.

Surround groupings with decorative accents like pinecones, rhinestone branches, gold beads, or a wreath of fresh evergreen. Nestle smaller votives among evergreen fronds, white driftwood chunks, pressed leaves or wood chips. Candles of all shapes and sizes add ambience, texture and plenty of holiday style.

Handmade Christmas Fireplace

Add handcrafted, personal touches to your Christmas fireplace display for warmth and meaning. Make a garland using linked paper chains, origami snowflakes, or hand-stamped tags. Decorate the stockings with fabric scraps, pom poms, buttons, rickrack, puffy paint and other homemade embellishments.

Let kids create mantel art and ornaments from salt dough, clothespins, popsicle sticks, and other DIY craft supplies. Write holiday wishes and memories on strips of paper and use mini clothespins to display them along the mantel.

Make a greeting banner from colorful cardstock and ribbon. Arrange homemade gifts like infused vinegars, knitted wearables, and framed photos. The do-it-yourself details make the fireplace decor special.


Q: What are some budget-friendly ideas for decorating my fireplace for Christmas?

A: There are many ways to decorate your fireplace beautifully on a budget. Use pinecones, greenery and berries from outdoors to make a garland or mantle arrangements. Display old Christmas cards along the mantel in a picture rail. Fill glass jars or vases with ornaments. 

Q: How can I decorate my fireplace if I don’t have a mantel?

A: You can still create a festive fireplace look without a mantel. Hang stockings with command hooks. Arrange a holiday garland along the top edge of the fireplace surround. Set candles along the hearth or on plates on the floor in front. Flank the fireplace with a small tree on each side. 

Q: What are some fire hazards to avoid with fireplace decorations?

A: Use caution when decorating near an active fireplace. Avoid hanging combustible garlands, stockings or other flammable décor too close to the heat source. Skip lighted decorations that could overheat. Never obstruct air vents surrounding the fireplace. 

Q: How do I decorate my fireplace for the holidays if I don’t celebrate Christmas?

A: There are many ways to decorate your fireplace mantle beautifully for other winter and seasonal holidays. For Hanukkah, use blue and silver tinsel, candlesticks, dreidels, and menorahs. For Kwanzaa, incorporate meaningful symbols like corn, fruit, candles, artwork, and fabric with traditional colors. 

Q: How can I give my fireplace decor a unique look?

A: Think outside the box when it comes to materials and combinations. Use unexpected natural items like birch logs, magnolia branches, bare twigs, dried fruit slices, wrapped cinnamon sticks, seashells, and wood slices. 

In summary

Decorating your fireplace for Christmas is one of the most fun and rewarding holiday tasks. With a little creativity you can design a fireplace Christmas’s decor and surround that reflects your personal taste and holiday spirit. Transform your large living room into a festive haven with quirky furniture that complements the spectrum of holiday styles, from natural rustic to glitzy glam. From inventive fireplace decor to a unique Christmas story told through your mantel, let the possibilities be endless and make your home Christmas ready.

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