How to Make a Plant Stand? Step by Step Guideline

The plants are essential elements in the home since they bring vitality and beauty to our spaces. Therefore, placing your plants on a stand or support, will give a rustic touch and beautify your garden. You do not need to invest a lot of money to buy support, but you can create your own and decorate it in a personal way. Here, we explain how to make a plant stand using a ladder as a starting point. This support can be used to place your flowerpots both inside and outside your home, taking up less space and concentrating the vegetation on this beautiful structure. Make a utility a nice decorative element. Let’s do it!

How to make a plant stand?

How to make a plant stand

Step 1:

Get your ladder, we recommend it to be made of wood, so you can play more with the decoration of this material. On the other hand, it is also advisable that it is not a very high staircase, think that you will use the steps as shelves for your support, where you will place the pots.

Step 2:

Start working with the ladder, sanding it, especially if it is made of old wood, as it may contain chips. If the ladder you use as support is metal, it will also be good to sand it to remove rusty areas. We recommend that you first use large grit sandpaper or sandpaper to remove the areas of the damaged material and then a finer one to match and equalize the texture of the ladder.

Step 3:

Once you have the entire stair polished, paint it and varnish it. Choose the color that best suits the decoration of your garden, the house or the room in which you will place the support. To make the paint finish much better, we recommend using a sponge brush and applying a couple of coats of paint.

Step 4:

To make the support more personal, you can draw pictures or stick a template with floral motifs on the sides of the stairs or on each step.

Step 5:

On each shelf of your new support, you must place non-slip templates, so that your pots do not fall. You can look for them with some decorative element that beautifies the support of your plants more, be it floral, folk or funny letters.

Step 6:

Use your imagination and turn an old ladder into a nice plant holder.

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