Are Mezzanines Made of Structural Steel?

The concept of having mezzanines inside industrial, commercial, and even residential buildings is not uncommon. This is especially the case with commercial and industrial buildings with enough vertical space.

Some modern architectural styles are even influenced by the possibility of having this construction inside already-built structures. For more about this, you can visit:

Mezzanines add more functionality to the existing structure. For example, it offers more storage area and/or room for other activities. However, it has to be constructed properly and that includes using the right materials. To this end, this article will discuss the possibility of using structural steel.

Are Mezzanines Made of Structural Steel?

Mezzanines Made of Structural Steel

Mezzanines can be made using structural steel. Quite a lot of these constructions are even made using this material because of the several benefits that it offers.

One such benefit is structural integrity, as most alternatives do not offer as much as this material in this regard. For the record, some of the other alternatives include:

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Composite materials
  • Glass

You should also know that a combination of materials can be used. For example, structural steel can be used as a structural support, while aluminum, glass, and/ or wood can be used for other parts.

It is worth noting that structural steels used for such constructions must be high-grade. Speaking of the need to use high-grade structural steel for this sort of construction, more about that will be discussed in the subsequent part.

Why Are Mezzanines Made of High-Grade Steel?

High-grade structural steel can be used to make mezzanines because of this material’s ability to offer the much needed:

  • Structural strength
  • Fire resistance
  • Safety for people and property
  • Durability
  • Design versatility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Compliance with local construction codes

All of the aforementioned are part of the reasons why steel (and high grade one at that) is used for the construction of mezzanines. Let us examine the aforementioned one after the other:

Structural strength

Of all the materials that can be possibly used to construct a mezzanine, in terms of offering structural integrity, steel is easily one of the best options. This amazing feature makes it possible for constructions made using this material to possess the much-needed load-bearing capacity.

Fire Resistance

Some parts of the country are very prone to wildfires. This is because of the climatic conditions in such areas. as well as a few other factors. While the goal should be avoiding fire outbreaks at all costs, it is also necessary that measures are in place to help mitigate the effects of fire outbreaks, if they happen.

This makes steel a great choice. This metallic material has a very impressive fire-resistant feature. The likes of wood, glass, fiberglass, and even aluminum do not offer as much fire resistance as it does. Only concrete does slightly better than it.

It is also advised that people use high-grade structural steel with fireproof coating for their mezzanine construction. This is particularly important for people who reside in areas prone to fire outbreaks.


As a result of its unquestionable structural integrity, a mezzanine constructed using steel turns out to be safe for people and properties stationed on it. It has enough load-bearing capabilities to keep people and property stationed on it safe.

Furthermore, other features of this material make it safe for people and property. One such is its high fire-resistance feature as explained above.

For the record, steel can give in to fire. However, it would take quite a lot of fire for this to happen. This is given that it is fire-resistant to a large extent.


Time, effort, and money go into the construction of a mezzanine. As a result, the construction has to be durable. Well, durability is a function of many things and the choice of material used is one of them.

To this end, you should know that structural metal is one of the very best materials in terms of durability. It has a very slim chance of giving in to wear and tear in the form of rust, decay, and corrosion. All this ensures that people who use it get value for their investment in the long run.

Design Versatility

Mezzanines should do more than just create extra storage or space. Additionally, the right mezzanine construction should add aesthetic appeal.

This calls for impressive designs and the materials used need to offer versatility in terms of enabling designs. Structural steel is a great choice for this reason. For starters, its modular form means that it can be adjusted to suit various designs.


High-grade structural steel costs more than wood and many other alternatives. In other words, it has a high upfront cost. So, why is it still considered a cost-effective material for constructing mezzanines?

This is because of the long-term results that it offers. While many other alternatives would be giving in to wear and tear, it would still be standing the test of time and requiring very little maintenance effort.

Compliance with Local Construction Codes

Just like any other construction, there are local codes that have to be adhered to. Most building codes stipulate the use of the right construction materials. High-grade structural metal is undoubtedly seen as one of the right materials for this type of construction.

By the way, local building codes touch on other areas and it is important to be well aware of them. Hiring the right professional mezzanine construction team ensures that you adhere to building codes.

This is because they are usually well aware of these building codes and know how to adhere to them. You can check out this website to know more about professional mezzanine construction companies. This is important because the company you work with will determine the quality of your experience with this material.


Mezzanines can be constructed using various kinds of materials. However, some options are more preferable than others. Structural steel happens to be one of the most preferred and best options.

This is a result of its impressive features, some of which have been discussed here. It is therefore advised that people give serious thought to using it for the construction of mezzanines.

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