15 Modern And Appealing Shelves Design For Living Room

Decorating the room for young people and adolescents can be a real challenge. At a certain age, children begin to perceive themselves as adults; they enjoy assuming different challenges and even their own responsibilities. So they want us less and fewer intruders in their space. But today here, we will teach you to 15 shelves design for living room. In the process of discovering himself, his tastes and what attracts them most.

Wooden Shelves Design For Living Room

The vast majority tend to leave a mess in their wake. Many call it orderly chaos, but we all know that they simply do not know how to manage their space. But that can be finished! You just need to include an attractive shelf. Below, grab the collection of shelves design for living room.

vibrant wooden shelves

  • Give a vibrant appearance with these colors to your wooden shelves

The main secret is to present the shelves as something special and that suits the personality of the young man in question. For this, we can not rely on a specific style of design; but we can rely on the psychology of color. Therefore, it is imperative that you know the favorite colors of the boy or girl where you want to place the shelf. This can make it really easy, but if you have no idea; then you can guide yourself through this list that we will give you.

These are the colors that define youth. That define the people who are going through that stage of change and discovery.

  1. Gray
  2. Blue
  3. Red
  4. Green
  5. Pastel shades
  6. Mauves and roses
  7. Black and,
  8. White

If among all those colors you can not associate any with the personality of the teenager whose room you want to decorate, do not worry! We will give you 14 more tips on wooden shelves.

corner shelf

  • Make the most of two walls with this corner shelf

There will already be many things thrown around here and others over there; so you need less is to add a piece of furniture that covers more space. However, the corners in the rooms of young people are usually somewhat “organized”.

Maybe it’s the laundry basket or some sports equipment; which turns the corners formed by two walls into a perfect place for a shelf. We share this picture so you can visualize it better; It is definitely an exceptional way to take advantage of the space, in conjunction with a creative design.

book shelf

  • Build a shelf for different types of books

Young students often have too many books, notebooks, notebooks, and magazines. Whether it’s entertainment or study; There are always books of all sizes and colors that, on a traditional shelf; They look really bad.

With a shelf like the one we present in this photograph, you could end up with that lack of aesthetics. Each level has a different depth; so, regardless of the size of the book or notebook; Surely they can find a way for everyone to see themselves totally aligned from the outside.

geometric shaped shelf

  • They use geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are a great way to bring order to so much chaos. In addition, the geometric shapes used in the organization; will evoke memories of when the now teenager, was an infant. The games with the colored cubes can be moved to the wall turned into a shelf; it’s as if their toys have grown too, and look how cute they look in this picture!

Shelf with recycled materials

  • Save, take advantage of recycled materials

If your child has a calm personality and cares about life and the planet; the best way to “sell” the idea of including a shelf to organize so much disorder is through recycled materials.

A shelf with pallets or, several small shelves; they can become the perfect allies to prevent shoes from being scattered on the floor. In addition, recycled pallets can be used for many projects; Not to mention that they can be obtained for free in some supermarkets. Converts the task of installing shelves in a family project. There’s nothing better than doing something all together.

classic and stylish shelf

  • Young, but with class and style

Geometric shapes can also become a perfect emulator for high-end shop windows. For this reason, if it is a question of placing wooden shelves in a fashion girl’s room. It would be best to show him what the final result would look like. The mantel itself can seem very simple and without glamor. You can show him how good his accessories would look. The situation changes completely.

Curved shelf

  • Do not place boards with sharp shapes, the curves are perfect for a young man’s room

The shelves that have terminations in pointed corners are usually very aggressive to the eye; hence, many young people are not so willing to place wooden shelves in their rooms.

Avoid a look of disapproval using wooden shelving options really taken care of and treated in the corners. Rounded edges or flowing shapes; They are usually the most accepted. Look at this picture so you have a better idea.

wood shelves with invisible grips

  • Use minimalist wood shelves, with invisible grips

Another reason why it is hard to convince young people to include wooden shelves in their bedrooms; It is because they feel that they will spoil their decoration. And many times it is true.

The industrial style and in which the aluminum pendant or bars can be seen. It can be seen well in a kitchen; but in a bedroom that is already crammed with objects, the truth is that they are suffocating.

Therefore, use shelves that hang in a clean or “invisible” way; If the boards seem to be floating on the wall instead of being nailed, surely they will not say no to the idea.

Creative shelf

  • Do not define the style, leave room for creativity

Sometimes it is very difficult to contain yourself when decorating. If we choose an element, it is because we visualize it in conjunction with another; we visualize a harmony of accessories or functional elements and in balance.

But when it comes to the young people’s bedroom, it’s best to hold back a bit. If you’re going to suggest a shelf model; Try to always be neutral, with one of the colors that we recommend.

Do not make the shelf the protagonist of the bedroom decoration; then it will not be the boy’s bedroom; It will be practically yours. And the idea is that the adolescent enjoys his ledge. Not that he sits in a power struggle with her.

multifunctional shelf

  • Search multifunctionality

The more objects can be placed in a harmonious, aesthetic and organized way; best. A shelf to place all the books is great, but a shelf that besides the books allows placing objects that always end up lying down like the lenses; It is much better. In this sense, multifunctional shelves are usually great. They are fun, fresh, flexible to change; they are all that is a teenager.

classic wooden shelf

  • Combine the classic of wood with modern technology

The wooden shelves are simply a group of boards stuck or nailed. That’s not fun or innovative, it’s not a product that you can “sell” to a young person. But a shelf with USB ports, sockets and a break for the mobile phone, that’s a shelf!

At least that is how a teenager would interpret it, but they have a point in their favor. Your day to day is governed by technology, why not think about that factor then when choosing a shelf? Take the test and you will see how your electronic devices stop being disordered. It is that the wooden shelves are perfect candidates for a conversion job in an entertainment center.

Do not place the shelf too high

  • Do not place the shelf too high

No, it’s not because they can not reach the last level with their hands. The problem is that they can not reach the last level with their eyes. And that’s where the disorganization begins again.

For a young teenager, if something is not at first sight; then the room is organized. Do not contribute to keeping doing that by placing a new place to “throw” things. Place the shelf at a reasonable height, so that you can see what is in the highest part from the bedroom entrance door; or from the other end of the room.

themed wooden shelves

  • Use themed wooden shelves to enrich the decor

If you can not find any suggestions for more wooden shelves that shows the boy (a); then analyze well what he likes. A shelf can be a large 3D mural for the room. Not only will it add functionality and eye candy; but it does not have to be the protagonist of all the decoration, it is a compliment more. A clear example is this ledge shaped like the Superman symbol.

assembled shelf

  • Easy to assemble, easy to disassemble

Do not make the shelf an absolute job. The easier it is to assemble and disassemble, the better for both. Young people hate absolutism. So, having the option to modify the decoration will help you agree to place the shelf.

wooden shelf

  • Let them get involved in the selection process

Remember, it’s not your room, it’s not your space. Even if it is your home, you must respect that adolescent’s privacy and decision-making capacity. It allows him to get involved in the project, to feel that the final decision was something of mutual agreement; and most importantly, it allows you to modify the shelf once it is installed.

If you get these wooden shelves design for living room helpful, don’t forget to share.

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