How to make a white patina? Follow the guideline

You want to make a white patina, but you don’t know how to make a white patina. Today we will tell you what materials you will need and how to do it since although it may seem like a somewhat complicated task, it is much easier than we imagine.

What materials will you need?

To make a white patina, you do not need many materials. The main ones are:

  • We must also have a glass bowl to prepare the mixture with two tablespoons of water inside.
  • A totally clean cotton cloth.
  • A soft hair brush that will be used to paint.
  • And finally, a brush of hard hair that will help us to drag the paint.

Steps to make the white patina

How to make a white patina

Before starting, you must make sure that your furniture is completely clean so that the patina is perfectly done.

Paint preparation

The first thing you have to do is place the acrylic paint in the glass bowl with the water and add a teaspoon of coffee. It should be stirred until it forms a texture like milk.

You must bear in mind that you do not have to stir very hard since bubbles may appear, which can worsen the final finish.

Wood preparation

The next thing you have to do in the process of how to make a white patina is to sand the surface until said surface is with a rough texture. We recommend doing the prior sanding unless the furniture is in very good condition.

Make sure all the varnish has been removed. Otherwise, the wood will not pick up the patina.

Paint application

Then you must take the soft hairbrush and apply the paint on the areas you want to skate. Once you finish, you must wait for it to dry a bit, but not completely.

  • Applying the white patina effect.
  • Before it finishes drying, use the other brush (a sponge can also work) to move the paint and affect it.
  • Then we just have to wait for it to finish drying.

How to make an aged effect?

If you want a more aged effect, you can use a stiff hairbrush to further mark the grain and open the wood’s pore.

Best of all, you can achieve two effects very easily, an older one using the cloth and passing a hard brush over the surface, or a more uniform and white effect by repeating the patina process several times. It all depends on your taste.

It should be mentioned that the above is a fairly easy technique on how to make a white patina that gives nice results. Best of all, it doesn’t take a lot of materials to achieve a completely beautiful patina.

It is recommended that when you go to paint, you should be very careful so that you leave your furniture with a fabulous appearance and completely renovated.

Well, you no longer have excuses not to renew your furniture because you already know that white patina can be easily done.

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