How to Polish Gemstones? Step by Step Process

If you own precious stones and want to find out how to polish gemstones effectively and without damaging them, I recommend you read this tutorial carefully, as I will provide you with useful details on how to polish precious stones with a few simple steps, with the use of the right products (often natural) and without investing exaggerated economic figures. Keep in mind, first of all, that the treatment indicated below can be used both for polishing and for periodically cleaning precious jewels.

How to polish gemstones?

First of all, keep in mind that for most precious stones it is sufficient to use simple Marseille soap, preferably liquid, to dissolve in a plastic container filled with cold water. You can clean and polish in this way a large multitude of soft stones (such as amber) by leaving them to soak for 5/7 minutes, then brush the stones properly with the help of a soft toothbrush and at the end dry them well with a hairdryer (low temperature). You can use the same treatment for hard stones. For example, rubies and diamonds (the latter can also be cleaned and polished with special products, to be purchased in a jewelry store).

how to polish gemstones

Steps to polish stones with sandpaper:

  1. Choose the right stone or rock, you can polish any type but some have certain characteristics that make them easier to polish.
  2. The softer ones are the ones that are polished more easily, while the hard ones take more time, although it can also be done.
  3. Wash the stone with soap and water to make it clean. You can use a bristle brush to remove any embedded dirt. Dry it with a soft touch cloth, without rubbing.
  4. If you want the stone to have another shape, you can give it to him using a hammer or small chisel. Always wear protective glasses so that any rest goes to your eyes. It is recommended that you wear safety gloves.
  5. For polishing stones, choose 50-grit sandpaper, which is the toughest or thickest and is perfect for this type of material.
  6. Rub the sandpaper over any bumps or bumps you want to smooth. If all the stone is to your liking, then pass the sandpaper over the entire surface so you can polish it completely.
  7. If the stone is scratched, apply 150 grit sandpaper to remove it. On some occasions, the sandpaper from the previous steps leaves a mark, and you must use this to remove it. It is not irreparable, with the 150 you can get rid of any imperfection.
  8. The last sanding should be done with 300 or 600 grit sandpaper, which is very fine. It does not leave scratches and corrects any imperfection left by any of the previous sandpaper.
  9. To finish polishing stones, rub it with a piece of leather that you have smeared with a metal polisher, you can find it in any hardware store.
  10. Brush the leather a few times and the red one will be not only perfectly polished but also very shiny.

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As a final recommendation, do not use a colored polisher as it will stain the stone.

Polish the emeralds with a special product

Being a very fragile stone, it is preferable to polish the emeralds with a special non-aggressive product, preferably to be purchased at a jewelry store (the polishing products can also be purchased at large renowned shopping centers). Avoid wetting the emeralds frequently with water, being very fragile they tend to chip easily (also avoid using natural products such as lemons or baking soda).

Polish with natural products

Some types of precious stones, such as jade, can be easily polished with the help of natural products, such as lemon and warm water. To make a mixture suitable for polishing this particular stone, simply combine the juice of half a lemon with a glass of water, in which to leave the jade to soak for 4/5 minutes. At the end rinse with plenty of cold water and a little Marseille soap, brushing gently with a soft brush.

Clean the stones periodically

To avoid that the stones turn black or lose their natural shine over time, I advise you to clean them periodically, following the above procedure at least 1/2 times a month. Your precious stones will always be kept clean and shiny.

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