How to Bring your Bedroom Décor Up to Date for 2021

If your biggest wish for Christmas is an update to your bedroom to make it feel cosy, snug and up to date, take a look at the bedroom trends for 2021 for a little bit of inspiration to help you create the perfect relaxing bedroom…

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Colours – Introduce dark colours to your room to bring it up to date. Many people are nervous of using darker colours, but they are great at making a room feel cosy and warm – which is just what you want in a bedroom! If you are worried, try painting one wall a dark shade and leaving the rest of the room light – this creates a lovely contrast.

Wood – Trends have been turning much more towards wood and embracing the rustic and natural materials with a modern twist.  When applying this to your bedroom think of using engineered wood flooring with a soft luxurious rug, adding wood to your walls or a wooden headboard.

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Headboards – Speaking of headboards, they are a fantastic way to be creative and even to create storage space in a room. Upholstered headboards are a lovely touch that can create a feature for the room, and if you could do with extra storage, incorporate bookshelves into your headboard, as well as shelves for lamps and other items that will be handy to keep here.

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