How to turn off a lawn mower

Have you had problems turning off your lawn mower? Before taking it to repair, try applying these few suggestions. A lawnmower engine is a fairly simple machine for our garden. Always try to be neat and clean that make your garden beautiful. Like all gasoline engines, you need fuel, air, and a spark. A piston compresses gasoline inside a cylinder. A spark then ignites the gasoline and the explosion drives the piston down the cylinder to rotate an axle that moves the mower blade. Like all gasoline engines, a lawnmower can eventually develop problems. An owner can make a brief diagnosis and solve many of them.

How to turn off a lawn mower?

How to turn off a lawn mower

After completing the following steps, the machine will probably start without problems and will work like a champion.

  1. Before turn off the lawn mower put it on the ground.
  2. Pull the gag to stop piston.
  3. Take a look at the wire of the lawn mower.
  4. You can see it in the gag to the motor line.
  5. Remove the plug and restore it. Now, you can turn off the mower.

You must take care and good maintenance for using the lawn mower for a long time.

Maintenance of the lawn mower

First, check the air filter on a motor that starts and stops. The lack of air is the most common cause. Remove the screw with the driver that holds the upper part of the filter compartment. It is normally above the carburetor and inspects the filter. Wash the foam filter in hot soapy water if it is dirty, covered with oil and dust. Change it if you do not wash cleanly. You should replace a filter with dirty paper. The old house shows a tutorial for lawn mower maintenance. Give them thanks.

lawn mower spark plugs

Solves spark plug problems

First, check that the spark plug wire is making a good connection with the plug and not loose. Use a wrench to unscrew the cap. Inspect the electrode at the bottom, and if it is burned or dirty with oil or coal, change the spark plug. Make sure the plug has the correct space on the electrode again.

Check that the spark plug is dry and free of dust. Then re-screw it into the cylinder and connect the cable to the end of the spark plug. Try turning the cutter on.

Test gasoline

Test gasoline

It can decompose in a lawnmower tank, especially if it has been left parked for a while. Drain the tank if there is any doubt, put the old gasoline in your car, where it will burn without problems. Fill the tank with new gasoline. Use gasoline without alcohol additive if the engine is hiccuping or detonations before shutting down.

Verify that the cutter has fuel. If you have old gasoline and you have not put a stabilizer at the end of the last season, change the fuel. If you had emptied the tank, then fill it at least halfway with new gasoline.

fuel gauge

Check the fuel gauge

Like many of us, you will have disconnected the fuel gauge at the end of the last season. Now, activate it. If you have followed all the steps above and the lawn mower still does not work, check that the gasoline is entering the carburetor. Disconnect the fuel supply from the carburetor and check if there is gasoline coming out of the tube. If so, reconnect it. If not, check the fuel level. It may be coagulated, or the fuel filter may have been clogged.


Clean the carburetor

First, remove the air filter compartment and spray an automotive carburetor cleaner on the carburetor barrel. Spray the accelerator and the choke joint on the outside of the carburetor to remove any remaining grease or dirt that could hinder proper operation.

Reconnect the lower part of the carburetor and restart the fuel gauge. Try to start the cutter. If it still does not work after all these procedures, then take it to the repair technician. However, from my personal experience, the steps that I have indicated almost always solve the problem.

lower side of the mower

Inspect lower side of the mower

Wipe off any collected clay or cut grass that may be preventing the blade from turning, exerting undue pressure on the engine. Make sure that the blade can rotate freely during the operation. Remove the spark plug wire for safety during the inspection of the blade.

Look at the muffler to make sure it has not been covered. An engine must exhaust the burned gases to function properly. Clean the muffler or change it if it is damaged and does not allow air to flow freely.


Check the control bar on the handle of your lawn mower. It must be pressed to start the engine to make sure it is working properly. Examine the link with the engine to make sure it is connected.

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