Paint for melamine: How to apply the paint in the melamine furniture

Melamine furniture is possibly one of the most common today. One of the factors is the production processes of the same and the lower costs than wooden furniture. However, many times we have doubts about how to use paint for melamine and if it is the same process as when we want to paint wooden furniture.

What is melamine?

When we talk about melamine, it seems that it is a type of furniture. In reality, it is a type of material composed of resins that are used to cover furniture. It is characterized by being hard and resistant to heat, giving an effective coating glued to the chipboard.

It was originally a very limited and poor quality material, but it has improved and brings many advantages thanks to development and innovation. It stands out for its resistance (humidity, scratches, thermal insulation, chemical agents …) and easy to clean.

The 3 steps to use paint for melamine

Paint for melamine

To paint melamine furniture, we must first start by ensuring that the furniture does not have a porous surface so that any paint we use is repelled.

First step: disassembly and repair

To paint, we must first remove the fittings, hinges, screws or hinge (being careful not to lose them). Any surface that you want to paint must be clean of grease and dirt. It is also a good time to fix furniture defects by sanding or covering them with putty.

Second step: sanding and priming

Sand the furniture to remove the glossy or satin finish, apply a water-based or synthetic sealer primer, as it is not a porous material. This helps the paint adhere better.

Third step: roller painting

Only when we have the surface primed can we give it color. We recommend using a roller since you will notice how the surface is much smoother than if we use a brush. However, if what you want is to give it irregularity, then use the brush.

If you use a water-based enamel, you can paint indoors because it is not toxic and resists. It is not recommended to use metal or wall paints. With a couple of paint coats, you will get the desired color and once it has dried, we can now enjoy our new furniture.

What materials to use to paint melamine furniture?

To paint melamine furniture, we will use a brush or trowel to correctly paint the closet’s corners and reliefs so that it is completely covered. We will paint the large parts with an enameling roller.

Sand the surface

The first thing to do is sand the surface to open the pore and eliminate all the irregularities and varnishes that the piece may have. For sanding, you can use the electric sander or a simple sanding pad.

Clean well

The next step is to remove all the dust that has been produced and clean the surface well. To do this, we will wet a cloth with burning alcohol and go over the area.

Prepare the surface: primer

It is time to prepare the surface so that it can later be painted. To do this, we will use a primer or sealer that we will apply with a short-haired roller or foam roller. We will let it dry well.

Paint and varnish melamine furniture

Finally, we paint the surface with special paint for furniture. The first layer must be very well spread.

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