How to Clean Foam Sofa Cushions? Follow the Steps

The sofa cushions are often subject not only to accumulate dust but also to hair and bad smells. Most sofa cushions are made to withstand a fair amount of agents. Pillows can last a long time if they are cleaned properly. Dirt can ruin the fibers of the fabrics of the cushions so it is essential to take some care. In this tutorial, we are given useful tips and correct information on how to clean foam sofa cushions.

How to clean foam sofa cushions?

This type of pillow is generally not removable: just take a damp cloth, put some dishwashing detergent and rub it. Then rinse the rag to remove detergent residues; then it is left to dry in the open air. For most fabrics, the vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dirt. The vacuum cleaners have templates specially designed for cleaning the upholstery; just use them to get good results.

how to clean foam sofa cushions

Treat the stains with a spray

It is important to treat any stains or dirt with a spray or dab the stain using a damp sponge and neutral detergent. It is essential to check the colorfastness of each cushion before applying any detergent. Let it rest for a few minutes and rinse; if the cushion becomes discolored, it is advisable to take it to the dry cleaners. If we decide to wash the cushions in the washing machine, we must set the washing on a delicate cycle and use cold water. Keep reading: remove oil stain from wood

Use a carpet beater

If the cushions to be cleaned are not removable, a beater or broom can be used, hitting each cushion firmly on both sides. During this operation, it is advisable to wear an anti-dust mask. After checking the color resistance, if necessary, we use a stain remover. We put a small amount of dishwashing detergent in cold water and dip a sponge. Then we squeeze it to remove the water and with a wide-ranging movement we pass it on the pillow.

Rinse and dry

We rinse the sponge carefully and then repeat the procedure for removing the detergent. It is advisable to use a fan if you want to speed up the drying process. It is essential to clean or wash the sofa cushions at least once a week. This prevents dirt and bad odors from penetrating deep into the fabric.

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