Having a More Positive and Productive Workplace

Most people spend a big part of their lives at work, and to make the workplace a happier and more productive place is both good for the company and the employees – here are a few ways to do this…

Clutter and untidiness have a huge negative impact on productivity in an office. It can slow down a lot of the work and also make staff feel less motivated. Things that may be harder to find can lead to mistakes being made too, so make sure that as well as being regularly cleaned, the office is de-cluttered on a regular basis. Get staff into good habits of maybe spending ten minutes at the start and end of the day getting anything that is not needed off their desk, putting things in the correct places and throwing away rubbish.

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The reception area has a big impact on a business as a whole and many times it can be overlooked or used as a bit of a dumping ground for convenience. As it is the place where visitors first come into, it should create a good first impression of the company and be a comfortable place to wait – get some comfy new reception chairs from Bestbuy-officechairs and make sure it is bright and welcoming.

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To make an environment more positive and in turn more productive, make it a pleasant place to spend time. Plants, and good lighting, ideally lots of natural daylight, go a long way to making an office environment a more pleasing place to spend time, where staff will feel a lot happier.

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