What Colours Should You Decorate Your Bedroom In?

Moving into Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire, like those from Park Home Life, is an exciting time, especially as you get to pick what the decor inside will look like. You can create your own home style virtually from scratch. With a little planning and forethought you can come up with some brilliant colour schemes, using the colours that you already have in your bedroom. If you have browns and greens in the room then you can make a great combination by using a brown bed sheet and dark wallpaper. Alternatively, you could go for a very pale blue or pink wallpaper with a few throw pillows that have some of your other favourite colours on them.

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Alternatively if you have white walls and cream curtains then you can go for a beautiful light theme in a neutral shade of green. You could paint the wall with a pale yellow and add a few accent pillows in a soft pastel shade. Then you can go for a beautiful bed spread, preferably one with an ombre print, and a duvet in the same light shade. Add a throw pillow in a contrasting colour to the bed spread and you will have a really chic looking bedroom. It will also look really good with a contemporary metal bed and a few other accessories like a chandelier or lamps.

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If you have a lovely wall with lots of painted wooden features then you can use these as a focal point in a very chic and simple way. You could go for a beautiful wooden chest that has a little mirror on its front so that you can see yourself when you get out of bed at night. This chest can be adorned with some old world gold items like a gold plated alarm clock or a gold mirror. Add a couple of other items such as some rugs that are in the same design and a nice rug over your bed. You will then have an extremely chic looking bedroom that is bright and airy.

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