An Ultimate Guide for Garbage Disposal Installation

A garbage disposal system is certainly one of the most convenient appliances in any modern kitchen. However, unfortunately, because of their job, they can break down more often than you can imagine and need to be maintained or replaced regularly. Sometimes, repairing isn’t a solution for broken-down garbage disposal, so the whole unit requires replacement. Also, if you don’t own this handy appliance at the moment and are considering getting one, this is the right place for you to know how you should get it installed.

Finding plumbers near Fort Lauderdale is not a challenging task. The city is home to 184,261 people living in more than 74,968 houses. With so many residential buildings in the city, common plumbing problems, such as clogged drainage and leaking faucets, arise regularly. Licensed plumbers are in high demand in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In fact, more than ten renowned plumbing companies are situated here that are known throughout Florida.

Although garbage disposal installation can be done with your home-plumbing experience, getting professional help is a worthy choice. Trained plumbers know how to do that job quickly and efficiently and deal with any problem that arises during the process. Since plumbing licenses in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are governed by strict regulations, you can be assured that your job is done with utmost professionalism.

Why do you need a plumber for garbage disposal installation?


Certifications for garbage disposal systems are helpful in every situation, whether you want to sell your house in the future or not. Therefore, always hire a plumber in Fort Lauderdale who certifies his work so that you don’t have to worry about future problems.

Additionally, if you are planning to sell your house, a certificate will assure potential buyers that your garbage disposal system works correctly and has been installed by a professional. They might also call the same contractor for any plumbing problems in the device. You will also get assistance with insurance policies such as low premiums.

You might have to cut your wall

If you install a new garbage disposal system and don’t have a switch for it, you might also have to get it installed. This means you need to cut out space for it in the wall. A plumber has all the necessary tools and can do it without issues. If you try to cut out your wall or tiles yourself without any experience, you might damage it and spend extra money repairing it.

Safety standards

Plumbing is a risky job. Whether it is a drain clog, garbage disposal issue, toilet replacement, or something else, there is always a chance of things going wrong in the job. Even if you have home-plumbing skills, you should take assistance from a professional to not increase the already-constructed mess. Also, if you damage any other equipment while repairing or replacing the garbage disposal, your maintenance cost will increase significantly.

If you want to ensure your family’s safety, hire a certified Fort Lauderdale plumber, as they have safety tools that can prevent unfortunate incidents. If something goes south while they are doing their job, their insurance company will manage the additional costs.


Another reason for hiring a professional for garbage disposal repair or installation is the guarantee. Established plumbing firms offer guarantees on their services which means they give you follow-up repairs or replacements within the coverage period. This will help you save you from paying for any additional repairs from your own pocket.

You will have to work with electricity

Installing a garbage disposal system requires electricity. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable dealing with electricity, call a professional for it. The job requires running wires and tapping into your house’s electrical grids, which are responsible for the functioning of your garbage disposal switch.

While installing this system, a plumber has to work with electricity near your water lines. They have experience working in such conditions, and if you try to do it yourself, you might be risking your safety. Additionally, the power cords of the garbage disposal system need to be plugged, and in some systems, they need to be hardwired into the electrical grid, which is, again, quite risky. Therefore, hiring a professional plumber is your best bet.


This might sound surprising; however, hiring a plumber might actually save you money. Although plumbers near Fort Lauderdale charge from $45 to $150 hourly, they also offer insurance and a warranty. If you ask for collective costs, installing a garbage disposal in the city costs between $325 and $1000. The price depends on the type of garbage disposal you choose.

If you repair or install your garbage disposal yourself and make an error, it will cost you more than a plumber doing that job because they are trained for it and usually don’t make mistakes.


A trained plumber will have no problem getting your garbage disposal up and running as quickly as possible. Additionally, he will also make sure that you and your family are away from any risks associated with the job.

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