Small garden landscaping ideas with perfect trees and shrubs

The normal thing is that it does not pass off the 6-7 meters in a garden. It has a nice round shape and looks small white, pink or violet flowers that come out all summer. In the sun or the shade? Always in full sun, even in hot environmental conditions. Here, we’ll present small garden landscaping ideas with trees and shrubs. 

What care do you need? So that its leaves, as delicate as paper, last longer in the branches, must have water constantly on the ground. Very important: to shelter it in very harsh winters. Where do I put it?

Small garden landscaping ideas with trees

It grows very well in a pot but earns more by forming colored spots. At the bottom of the garden will create perspective, and flanking the driveway, as in the picture … it is great.

Japanese maple

Japanese maple

Its other common name is dwarf maple because it usually does not exceed five meters. Its leaves in the autumn change to intense red or purple, as well as its bark in some varieties. In the sun or the shade? A medium-term: semi-shadow is always your ideal exposure.

What care do you need? Procule a clay soil and never dry. Where do I put it? Use it as a representation tree, both planted on the garden floor in a prominent place, as in a single pot.

Cherry tree

Cherry tree

Another copy of about 4-5 meters in size. It is one of the first species to flower – since the last weeks of winter – and requires little care. In the sun or the shade? Much better in the sun. It is resistant to cold and supports urban environments very well.

What care do you need? Water it regularly while you are young, but make sure the soil is well drained. In the middle of spring, when the flowers wither, make a slight cut to eliminate the dried flowers, the branches ungainly, crossed or too long. And after winter, another more drastic to maintain its shape and get more branches with flowers.

Where do I put it? To include it in your small garden you have many options, such as dividing the entrance to the house, forming a small group in the most open area, accompanying a path or arranging it in a container.



Between 2 and 4 meters high, in winter it is filled with white flowers and blueberries. In the sun or the shade? Both of them. It is undemanding. Of course, in the Mediterranean area, it feels like a fish in the water …; something worse in extreme climates.

What care do you need? Buy it in a container so you can transplant it at any time of the year while avoiding periods of frost. Also, do not plant it on very light and dry floors. Where do I put it? Due to its dense and rounded shape, it is the perfect solution when you need a hedge or a screen of privacy.

strawberry tree

Strawberry tree

Although it can reach from 8 to 10 meters in natural places of the Mediterranean strip, inland of Andalusia, Extremadura or the Cantabrian cornice, it is normal that it does not exceed five meters in a garden.

In the sun or the shade? Hold the light shadow, but if the sun hits you, when autumn arrives you will be given some beautiful white flowers like inverted pots, and later, red fruits in the form of fleshy and edible spheres.

What care do you need? Ask for a deep, fresh soil rich in humus. If it is in a container, pay at least once a month. It does not need pruning unless you have to eliminate very bushy branches, in poor condition or with bad orientation.

Where do I put it? Its red bark is the most attractive. So, reserve a visible place where it acquires prominence.

Ornamental apple tree

Ornamental apple tree

In spring, before even leaving the leaves, the flowering branches of this small tree of 3 or 4 meters are quite a spectacle. And in summer and autumn, its fruits are.

In the sun or the shade? If the climate in winter tends to cool, better in the sun, and temperate regions in semi-shade. What does bother him enough are the very strong winds. Protect it!

What care do you need? The main thing is to take care not to spend thirst, providing watering twice a week on the hottest days of summer.

Where do I put it? It looks beautiful both isolated and forming a row on a little path in the garden. Of course, also ideal in the container for its short size.

Persian silk tree

Persian silk tree

More than its size, which oscillates a lot from 3 to 10 meters, its strong point is its flowering in rabid yellow which, although it lasts little, stands out a lot in winter. Also, it brings a delicious fragrance.

In the sun or the shade? You will not have problems if you cultivate it in the sun and well protected from the wind. What care do you need? Offer it a sandy and dry ground. Press it to shape it.

Where do I put it? It is sometimes used to consolidate and stabilize dry sandy soils and slopes for its rapid growth. In small gardens, it goes well as a flower and shade tree.



Compact and versatile, it presents a slow growth. Its striking flowers open in combos of different colors. Its size: up to 3 meters. In the sun or the shade? With good light, it is satisfied, but it does not like the full sun too many hours a day.

What care do you need? Its ideal soil is rich in humus and well drained. Water it more often than other plants: its roots are very shallow and, if water is lacking, they are exposed to more damage. Each spring add a chestnut to replace the spent nutrients.

Where do I put it? It is a very versatile plant: the same adapts to a bushy massif that you can give more prominence in a large planter.

English Yew

English Yew

It looks Coniferous, but it is not. Although it is classified as a tree, it is very often used as a shrub species of variable dimensions. Also, the shape of its cup is different according to whether it has a single trunk, and then it is conical; or several, developing irregularly.

In the sun or the shade? In the shade, without any doubt. What care do you need? The same type of soil gives it, it supports from the acids to the calcareous ones. Yes, organic fertilizer is good once a year. You can prune it regularly to maintain its shape.

Where do I put it? Alone, in a hedge, in a container, for topiaries. It gives a lot of play! Only one precaution: the whole plant is toxic, so if you have pets or children, extreme vigilance.

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