How to open a trunk with a screwdriver?

The car is characterized as an extremely reliable and well-built vehicle, although it can present problems like other cars. The trunk latch can jam if something gets stuck in it or if it might be ruined in a crash. In this case, you would have a completely useless trunk if the lock is not released. However, there is a quick way to unlock the trunk latch so that you can use it to access the rear of your car. Read on and learn how to open a trunk with a screwdriver.

How to open a trunk with a screwdriver?

How to open a trunk with a screwdriver

To open a clogged trunk latch on a car, you must take the car where there is no traffic. Perhaps park it in your driveway or in your garage. It is preferable in those places, although this repair can also be done in an empty parking lot. Put the Corolla in Park (that is, Park) and proceed to activate the parking brake and thus keep it fixed while you work on it. Turn off the vehicle and leave the driver’s seat in your car.

Get into the back of the car and then lower the back seat. This will have a latch at the top that releases it from the front of the trunk. Try folding the seat all the way down and then slide towards the hood of the car so that you can see you must turn on your flashlight.

You have to pry the hook off the latch starting from under the U-bolt. First, remove any debris that is obstructing the hook with a pair of pliers. Try to slide the flat-head screwdriver between the U-bolt and the latch hook. Pry the hook and thereby remove it from the U-bolt with the flat-head screwdriver. You should push up on the trunk lid, starting from the inside when the latch hook is released from the U-bolt. If the hook is struck for damage, use the hammer and try to hit the flat-head screwdriver to make a greater strength. If you don’t have auto insurance against traffic violations, shop around online for affordable SR22 insurance.

The basic way to open a trunk

Opening the trunk of a car can be tricky if you want to do it in a car that is not so familiar. Many people like to store luggage, important documents or sports equipment and food in the trunk of the car to take their belongings anywhere. You can open a car trunk lock by understanding the car’s lock mechanism.

Open the driver’s door of the car whose trunk you want to open. Look for a trunk unlock button near the floor or in the area between the driver’s seat and the door. They are sometimes located inside the driver’s door. The handle or button on many cars has a picture of a car with the trunk open.

Pull the trunk handle under the steering wheel. This handle is located under the steering wheel on the left side. If your car has a handle that opens the trunk, pull it and the trunk will pop open.

Open the glove compartment and press the button that opens the trunk. Many cars have a button to open the trunk lock inside the glove compartment. The button is usually yellow, red, or black on most models. Press the button and the trunk will open.

Place the key that opens the car locks into the trunk lock of your car. If you use a key to open your car door, that key will also open the trunk.


You need is a flat-head screwdriver, a steel rod (although any long, thin, rigid instrument will do), and a few seconds of your precious time. Use the screwdriver to pry the door frame open and try to open it just enough to insert the rod. Find the unlock button and press it. Keep in mind that any metal object can damage the exterior and interior, so be careful.

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