7 Luxurious Design Ideas for a Custom Home

Building a custom home can be an exciting experience. Instead of searching for your dream home all around the city, you will be able to make your dreams a reality on the plot of land of your choice. You will get to choose the size of your house, how many stories it will have, how many windows, and how large they will be.

In addition, you will decide if you want your home exterior to be covered with brick, stone veneer, vinyl, or another material. Plus, you get to work with custom home builders like 76 Construction Management to carefully plan the design of each room. With some meticulous planning and a creative vision, you can create a custom home with a chic, luxurious vibe.

Since you can design your future home, why not include some features that will make it even more unique? Here are seven luxurious design ideas to use in a custom home:

1. Open layout kitchen

Designing your custom kitchen is a great occasion to get that open layout you have always wanted. Forget about a small, cramped kitchen and a spacious dining room that you almost never use. With an open layout kitchen, you have more space to cook to your favourite foods. Plus, you can enjoy cooking while you socialize with your family or your guests.

An open layout can instantly brighten up a kitchen in any custom home. Adding a kitchen island to your design is an especially convenient option if you don’t want a large dining table.

2. Luxurious bathroom

Building a custom home is also a good way to design a spacious, luxurious bathroom that will please the whole family. If you have a large family, why not add two great bathrooms to your new house? You can use this space to install a walk-in shower or a large whirlpool bathtub in the bathroom. Use quality fixtures so you won’t feel the need to remodel your custom bathroom anytime soon.

3. A hidden room

If you have always dreamt of having a hidden room in your home, you could add one to your house layout. This secret room could be a home theater room, a reading nook, or a playroom for your children. Other popular ideas include a hidden bathroom, a secret office, or simply a small room where you could hide some valuable possessions.

Best of all, your hidden room will go naturally with the rest of your home’s design. This room could be concealed by a bookcase, a built-in bookcase, or a cabinet. It can also be hidden behind a wall panel, a mirror or a gas fireplace, or even under a staircase.

4. Built-in shelves

Built-in shelves are a great feature to add to a custom home, as you can design them to become a seamless part of your decor. You can get creative with your built-in shelving. Use them to build a custom desk, a comfortable home office, or a convenient laundry room. You may also consider a large walk-in closet, spacious storage cabinets, and a built-in bookcase that could conceal a secret room.

5. Skylights

Skylights are popular ideas for custom homes. Well-placed skylights will help to light different rooms of your custom home with natural sunlight, which many of us crave during the coldest part of the year. These skylights look chic, elegant, and add a touch of sophistication to your custom home.

It will be up to you to decide how many skylights you want to add to your home design, and where you want them to be placed. You could also add sun tunnels, which are smaller than skylights, but can let sunlight enter hallways and small rooms.

6. Sunroom

If you want as much sunlight as possible to enter your custom-built home, you could design a custom sunroom. With large windows, and possibly even a glass roof, your sunroom could be a beautiful greenhouse. You can also use it as an outdoor living room, dining room, a family room, or anything you want it to be.

However, be sure your sunroom is energy-efficient, especially if you live in an area where it gets really cold in the winter. A sunroom might not be a good idea if you need to spend a fortune to keep it comfortable when it’s cold outside.

7. Wine cellar

If you love wine, you could plan to include a spacious wine cellar in the layout of your custom home. A wine cellar will keep your bottles from spoiling, and it will also help you organize your wine collection. Plus, Plus, you can hang wine glasses that will perfectly fit with the decor of your new home.

If you are inspired by one of the above ideas, get started on building your custom home today. Work will a team of experts to build your custom home and make your dreams come true.

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