Swing for garden: How to install it safely

The garden is a space where we can let our creativity fly when it comes to adding decorative elements. A beautiful garden is the best option for happiness. From tables and benches Swing for garden. All alternatives can be accommodated in our little Eden, as long as we integrate them harmoniously and safely.

And it is in the aspect of the safety of the garden swing, of what we want to talk about today; since recently at here we got the question from one of our readers. Because when you have children and above all when you want to create a perfect environment; a swing in the garden is one of the best options to promote magic, learn to install it safely!

Decorate swing for garden with fun

Swing for garden
Swing for garden

Swings have always been an element that is associated with the magic of childhood. Most adults have adorable memories of their childhood on a swing; while today’s children, despite all the technology, can enjoy riding in one.

It is a timeless “toy,” beautiful and practical in its simplicity; and even a place for lovers, why not take it to the patio of your house?

The truth is that there are many reasons to do so, and none to deny us that happiness. And that is, whether you have enough space to place a large wooden structure; or a slightly reduced space; there can always be space for a swing in the home.

Because; we want to talk about several models or types of swings that you can place in your garden according to the conditions of the same. From placing one in a wide and empty place, until taking advantage of a tree or a wall; creativity plays a very important role, and you do not need to spend a lot.

Classic 5-post swing

5-post swing

A swing with a classic structure is always the best option, above all; when you have space and the money to install one of this type.

There are two very important details in this type of swings, and they are key to make it 100% safe. The first of them is the union of the top post to the posts that are placed in a V shape.

The other detail is the additional stability that can be granted to the posts that will be buried in the ground.

How to install the top post?

Top post for garden swing

There are two ways to position the top post (or horizontal spout) to the inclined legs; We only recommend you follow one of them for your level of security.

While wooden swings usually use a screw, the inclined legs form a “V” on the top to place the horizontal pipe in the form of rest.

Other models of swings offer a more efficient and safe system: the device for fixing a beam on two feet of support by tightening. That it is not more than a triple connection and which involves a series of nuts and bolts. All use to cross the posts and tighten them well to the metal structure.

How to add more stability to the structure?

The first thing you should look for when guaranteeing stability is; that both inclined legs can be linked using a sixth and seventh pole respectively. If the swing for garden that you offer does not have these lateral supports; then do not buy it.

On the other hand, the best way to add more stability to the structure is to bury the inclined legs sufficiently. About 50 centimeters of them should go underground. And the hole you open should always be covered with concrete or cement to cover 45 centimeters; leave the rest to place again some dirt and grass.

Economic swing in a tree

Economic swing in a tree

If you are a owner of a garden with a tree with a strong horizontal branch. Then you can save a lot of money by placing a swing directly on that branch.

This type of swings is undoubtedly the most magical of all and always arouses feelings of nostalgia. It was in this type of swings that our grandparents used to play.

Swing for the garden with rope and a board

If you want your swing to have a rustic appearance, but at the same time beautiful and in total harmony with nature. It is the option for you.

You need enough rope or better said rope. The safest to use in this type of games is the 8.5 mm, but we have other tips to do everything accident proof.

First of all, since you will only be practiced using a rope. Needless to say, the most important thing here will be the knots. For that reason; Here we leave you a video with the best knots of survival. In addition to the simple knot in the table, you should put some or all of this into practice to tie the rest of the structure.

The next thing you have to make sure is that the table in question is solid. To open the holes, it is best to use a drill and an 8.5 mm drill bit. The ideal table should be at least 5 centimeters thick.

To protect the rope, it is best to lean on the masking tape. Use it to protect the ends of the rope that will pass through the holes in the board.

You can also use it in the highest part; where the knots are located on the branch of the tree. It will add one more layer of protection to the rope. And just so you have an idea of how resistant these types of merchants are; we tell you that you can even build a swing for your garden that is romantic. Using a pallet and several cushions, you can make a swing for two; that’s how safe and resistant the material is. Just do not pass sharp objects by the rope.

Another option that is not our first option

We already told you that there are two possibilities when it comes to a swing in a tree. And although the rope is preserved, the other option is to use an old tire.

The curious thing about this famous garden swing is that; despite being firm the final structure; It is where most accidents occur. But all this is due to the incorrect or very crazy use that children tend to take.

The best way to avoid the accidents is not to install one if you have very active and curious children; but if nobody does crazy things in the tire swing, then you can place it without problems.

Swing for garden using a wall

The last alternative we want to talk about is for those who do not have enough space in the garden and; unfortunately not a tree either.

The swing using a wall does not necessarily refer to a wall. People who resort to this method take advantage of the roof mostly. The beam that faces the garden.

Use harnesses and a drill. You can place a swing practically anywhere in your house. But, to be able to place swing for a garden. You will have to rely on several specific materials and tools.

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