Most Loved Outdoor Window Planters

The windows of the house can be a perfect place to grow many species of beautiful flowers, provided that the needs of exposure to sunlight and the right level of humidity are respected, that is an irrigation appropriate to the varieties that you decide to cultivate.

The first step for the “window gardener” is to choose the most suitable container in which the plants will grow and you can find your best on suitable planter on Although it is possible to use mesh structures, rather than made of wood, on which to grow a creeper or even place small hanging pots, these solutions are more demanding and above all require more maintenance than the traditional planters.,

Using a planter, perhaps large, it is possible to create a small flowered paradise in a single container, decreasing the initial work and the subsequent maintenance of the area.

To avoid breaking the symmetry of the facade and to be able to comfortably take care of our beloved plants, the planter should not be wider than the window. In this way it will be easy to wet the plants, to eliminate gradually flowers and dry leaves and, very important, you will get a very pleasant aesthetic effect.

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when deciding to purchase outdoor window planters, it is best to concerns the material of which it will be made; firstly because it is an area where, in all likelihood, the container will remain for a long time and therefore will be subject to the elements, secondly because depending on the material it will be possible to give the home a precise style.

Obviously when it comes to materials, the economic aspect also comes into play; a plastic planter will certainly be less expensive than a ceramic one. Actually, however, since the container must be placed on the sill or fixed to the wall, it is always advisable to opt for a fairly light material, considering the fact that, once filled with soil, its weight will not however be irrelevant.

One of the best solutions, and perhaps the one preferred by most, is wood; a material that is not too heavy, resistant and natural, which will only need a protective coat of impregnate annually, so that you can better stand the summer sun and the rains and the cold of the winter season.

Once chosen as a container we will take care of the variety of plants to be inserted; the choice of the species to be cultivated is mainly based on the orientation of the window. An area exposed to full sun throughout the day requires varieties that tolerate the heat well and can tolerate drought, on the contrary a window exposed to partial shade is ideal for plants that do not require many hours of direct light.

Another aspect not to be underestimated if you want to create a truly harmonious and beautiful flowered window regards the development of plants; some species grow horizontally, others vertically, others “cascade”.

Finally, make sure that the container has adequate drainage. If the planter is not provided with holes or if they seem too small or small, make someone more; the water stagnations would rot the roots and once started this process the plants will be short-lived.

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