Nordic style furniture: what they are and types

Nordic or Scandinavian furniture is very functional and is characterized by simplicity, comfort and practicality. This furniture fall in love with its simple lines, its sweet and light colors.

Only natural materials are used to manufacture this furniture, such as wood, leather, linen and cotton, that give straight and clear lines, making the furniture feel comfort and warmth. Also, they have a very minimalist and bright style in their design.

Types of Nordic style furniture

This furniture is obtained from high-quality products, very durable and resistant. They are made of wood from trees such as fir, pine, or birch, which also gives them a nice and clear appearance. Nordic style furniture is recognized for its excellent design, high quality and high functionality. They are also considered timeless and will always be in the latest fashion. We present the different types of Nordic style furniture that we can find:

Nordic style furniture

Swedish Nordic

In this style, its roots are in Norway and Sweden, which are the countries that are considered as the founders of the style. This look is attributed to King Gustav III, who was the king of Sweden in the last decades of the seventeenth century, who after a serious financial crisis. It was finished with the decoration of his palaces and established three basic principles to govern in the decoration, which later would become the bases of the Nordic style: Light colors, simple materials and not very luxurious ornaments.

Finnish Nordic

This style came to countries such as Denmark, Iceland and Finland, which gave greater importance to details, keeping the simplicity and elements of nature such as landscapes, Scandinavian animals and wildflowers, geometric designs and a touch of more vivid colors.

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Dutch Nordic

In this style, the most important thing is the lighting and colors. They are more decorated. They include vintage elements with matte finishes and they also begin to use stone.

Minimalist Nordic

These are more modern. It introduces metals in its manufacture to compliment the wood and the black color. In addition, they make combinations of black and white.

Nordic Cozy and glam

This style is most prevalent on shaggy rugs, maxi knit blankets, and soft cushions. For the glam style, shiny metallic tones are included. One of the most used is gold.

New trends with a Nordic style furniture

Traditionally, spaces designed following this Scandinavian style are based on slightly saturated or pastel colors. In recent years, finishes such as brass or copper appear for details or even as a structural part of Nordic style furniture.

These pieces are integrated into environments that also combine velvet fabrics to upholster or make the curtains, always in a careful way without generating noise or giving way to luxury or ostentation.

Danskina and Kvadrat

The furnishings Nordic style is timeless, which allows you to adapt to different types of environments. Thanks to its aesthetic neutrality, it fits into other styles. Unlike other currents, Nordic decoration coordinates with other influences naturally.

Chair – Pion Lamp – Bent Wood

This type of furniture works in more industrial spaces without losing its essence. In combination with old or worn wall tiles, clean-lined furniture creates an interesting contrast.

Derek Swalwell

It is very common to choose new projects in old buildings, reducing the classic style that characterizes them, moving to a Deco style. It is about generating subtle contrasts, achieving an elegant result but without being highly decorative.

Analog table

The wood finishes of chairs and tables contrast effectively with a blank canvas or with walls in gray, green or blue colors. Even the joinery is integrated, generating complete color planes. Different finishes can also be used for the same collection in a single environment.

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