How Do You Fix a Leaking Bathroom Tile? 8 Steps

A leaking toilet bowl may not be the worst plumbing nightmare you will have. However, it will still provide you with a number of drawbacks. For example, you will always find the bathroom floor wet, which is absolutely dangerous if you have children at home.

How do you fix a leaking bathroom tile?

You will never know when they will lose their balance and accidentally slip. Another drawback you can expect is the increase in your water consumption and, yes, a high water bill. Who would want to pay for the water that they didn’t really use? Fixing the leak immediately will prevent accidents and unnecessary charges on your utility bill. Here is a DIY guide to help you repair your leaky toilet from the base.

How do you fix a leaking bathroom tile

1. First things first. Close the water supply valve on the back of your toilet, and then flush the tank. Lift the tank lid and drain the remaining water. You can also use a sponge to absorb excess water. Once you have finished, separate the water supply lines with the help of your pliers or wrench. This will prevent the tank from filling while you are working on your toilet.

2. Now check the washers on the toilet located at its base and remove their covers with a flat-blade screwdriver. There are bolts there that secure the toilet bowl to its flange. Take care of them carefully too.

3. When you’re done, slowly and cautiously lift the toilet bowl up and set it aside. Put it on an old towel or clean rags or some newspapers to avoid breaking the accessory. Keep the parts you removed in a safe place because you will use them later.

4. Scrape off the old and worn toilet flange with your spatula. The wax ring must have already deteriorated, so the toilet is leaking. A quick replacement could do the trick.

5. Place the new wax seal on the flange. Make sure it is perfectly positioned and centered to prevent leaks.

6. Carefully lift up your toilet again and place it on the toilet flange. Make sure all the bolts are positioned correctly, too.

7. Put the washers back in place. Put them on the bolts individually and screw them on. Tighten the washers with your wrench. Just remember to press the bow down to better secure the bolts. Also, avoid over-tightening them as doing so could crack the base of the toilet.

8. Reconnect the water supply lines and turn on the supply valve. Let the tank fill with water and then rinse it. Check whether the leak has been eliminated.

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