Kitchen Design Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

It’s no secret the housing market is difficult right now.  Especially with everything that has happened throughout the pandemic in recent years.  Finding ways to increase the value of your home is especially important right now!  So, let me go over some great ways you can renovate and design your kitchen.

An Open Floor Plan

Most modern kitchens are the opposite of tight and cramped.  This is, of course, by design.  Open spaces let in more light, for example.  I think Martha Stewart puts it best here, but this sort of kitchen lets you entertain more guests as well!

No one wants to feel squeezed in their home.  Even if the home is a smaller floor plan, there are ways to capitalize on the space you have available.  You can even adjust your cabinetry to add to the open feeling of the room.  If you forgo the traditional style of closed-off ones, you can give the kitchen an airy feel.

This sort of thing is all the rage right now in modern kitchens and will likely take over the design scene.  If you’re looking to give your home more value, this might be something to take into consideration!

White Cabinetry, Walls, or Other Décor

This will probably come as no surprise, but this is to some extent a continuation of the open floor plan idea.  White is a color that makes things feel bigger than they are, especially in home design.  So, if you’re thinking of renovating or redesigning your kitchen, this might be the first place to start.

A lot of modern spaces have forgone the dark cabinetry of the past.  If you’d like some examples of this you can find them here:  If you’re really looking to bump up the value of your home, the kitchen is one of the greatest places to start.

White is also a comfortable color, since it comes in so many shades.  You might want to consider a cream or eggshell white, for example.  Multiple hues of white in one room can help diversify while still retaining those airy characteristics.

If you’re not satisfied with only white, you can add details in other colors of course.  Brass fixtures for example, or a dark countertop to pair with your white cabinetry, can go together quite well.  Pairing this décor with brown chairs, maybe even with a basket-weave pattern, can add to the value of your home!

Family-Friendly Kitchen

While not all of us want to have a family, this is still a good point to keep in mind as you consider designing your kitchen.  After all, there is no rule saying that functionality and style are mutually exclusive.  There are plenty of ways you can have a beautiful space while also making it safe for your family.

This kind of ties in with what I was mentioning before with open cabinetry.  If your mixing bowls, or your pots and pans are in an easily accessible spot, this can make your cooking a lot more convenient.  That sort of kitchen design is likely to increase the value of your home.  Plenty of potential buyers either have a family or are planning to start one, after all.

Space For Hosting

Another part of kitchen design is space for entertaining guests.  Of course, this might not always be possible depending on your floor plan.  There are ways around this – especially if you have a connected dining room.

If that’s the case, you might be a prime candidate for a home renovation.  After all – if you connect your dining room and kitchen to create an open floor plan, this creates a lot more space for having company!  With the way design trends have progressed in the past few decades, I think this is definitely a safe call if you want to change the layout of your home.

Some people will have a kitchen island specifically for this purpose.  You can put bar stools of some variety in front of them, after all.  Additionally, you could even have a wine rack on it for real entertaining value!

Clever Use of Colored Accents

A lot of us only think of accents as décor in our homes.  Of course, this isn’t really the case!  There are plenty of ways to incorporate some bright colors into your design.

One example is a decorative tile design over the oven.  This has become quite popular lately, after all.  Really, it could be any spot in the kitchen.  I only suggest over the oven because that tends to be one of the common places for an accent to be.  You could pick a bright color like orange to really enhance the other colors in the room.

Additionally, you could invest in colored furniture.  A table with an eye-catching color or even a tablecloth can add to the overall feel of the room.  All of these choices can eventually add to the value of your home in the current market.

Why the Kitchen?

While it might not initially seem like the most important part of the home to renovate or redesign, I think that is a bit of an oversight.  Honestly, the kitchen is a make or break location for many potential home buyers.  Many of us don’t want to buy a house where we have to heavily renovate an area like the kitchen, after all.

A ready-to-move-in kitchen is a huge selling point for a house going on the market.  Especially if it’s modern and decorated.  A lot of us consider the kitchen the heart of our homes.  We spend a lot of time there.  Be it cooking or entertaining our guests, it’s a key facet of a modern family.

That’s why if you’re going to pick a room in your home to renovate, the kitchen might be the place to start.  Sure, there might be some space limitations or other complications.  However, I think it’s quite important to consider.  Especially if you’re opting to eventually sell your home!

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