How to combine vintage and modern in your décor

There are no hard and fast rules stating that all the furniture in your home needs to originate from a similar period. Actually, incorporating differentiating styles can give your home an exuberance and interest that rooms with all matching furniture cannot achieve. Here’s a little motivation for mixing up all those stylish pieces to create a contemporary yet vintage appeal:

  1. A traditional table or desk works well when paired with a highly modern seat or seating. This makes a powerful aesthetic and can work in any room of the house.
  1. Perhaps you own a vintage dresser that you currently have little use for. Think outside the box and perhaps use it as a stunning storage unit in the living room, as a unit for your TV to sit on or simply on its own with an eye-catching contemporary ornament adorning it.

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  1. A simple way to guarantee a vintage piece blends in with your existing décor is to paint it in a similar shade to other items already placed in your home. A further way to add interest to your décor by mixing old and new is to incorporate ethnic art or fabric. These supply a dash of colour and a traditional touch that also work well when combined with the clean, basic lines of modern furniture.
  1. Another great way to mix vintage with contemporary is to choose an ornate vintage piece of furniture to really stand out while keeping all your other décor plain or white in a pared back, minimalist fashion. Consider every detail in a room, including things like the light fittings. Why not combine a modern ceiling rose with a retro light fitting or vice versa? For a stunning range of Ceiling Roses, visit
  1. An oriental rug in bright colours and patterns is a fetching way to add exuberance to a room which is otherwise decorating in a neutral, contemporary style.
  1. Retro or vintage cupboards look amazing when incorporated into a super-stylish, up-to-date kitchen with all the mod cons.
  1. Blend in a few traditional or old-fashioned seats into a hyper-modern setting to add instant character to a room.

Some people like to choose a specific style when decorating – such as country-style, rustic, shabby-chic or mid-20th century modern. However, if more than one era appeals to you, it is quite possible to blend pieces from different times to create a unique and highly personal space to call your own.

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Of course, this method requires dedication and a bit of luck when searching for accessories. Antique stores and reclamation yards are good places to look for special finds. There are a few things to consider before you start, however, so you don’t end up with an unsightly mish-mash of items.

Will you be decorating a contemporary space with classical adornments or adding some modern touches to a beautifully antique setting?

Will you be assembling items around a specific piece of furniture or artwork, for example? Will there be a certain colour scheme to adhere to or a topic that inspires the pieces you choose for your room?

Whatever topic you select, you’ll have the option to utilize that subject to choose, blend, and match contemporary and old-fashioned pieces of furniture and accessories.

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