Get your Garden Ready for the Winter Months

Although we are enjoying the warm sunny weather now, preparing for the autumn and winter months is something that your home and garden will thank you for – here are some of the things to do this summer to make sure that your garden is ready for the winter…

Garden Furniture – Make sure that your garden furniture can remain in good condition for next summer by preparing it for winter. If you have somewhere indoors like a shed or a garage to store it, put it in there, if not, get some waterproof coverings for it, and also make sure that it is secured to the ground. Before you put it away, give it a good clean and check for any damage that needs to be repaired. If it is made from wood, give it a treatment to protect it from the elements.

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Fences – One of the things that often fall foul to a winter storm is the garden fence. Before the winter arrives, check the fences around your garden for any signs of damage or instability. If you notice anything wrong with it, then it is a good idea to repair it now. It might be better if the fence is badly damaged to contact a professional like this fencing Gloucester based company to come and sort it for you.

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Gutters – Something that can cause big problems in the winter months is the gutter. The wind and falling leaves mean that gutters can become blocked quickly with debris. Have a good look at the gutters and clear them of anything that is in them.

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