How to turn a garage into a room cheaply

A garage, no matter how big or small can become an attractive room cheap. You can get an independent home in a garage and thus have extra space in your home. Or if you will use it as your main house, it is a good option to save money. We will tell you how to turn a garage into a room cheaply.

To turn a garage into the room of our dreams, the first thing to do is provide the space with the necessary ventilation and lighting measures, such as doors and windows. In this way, you will get a translucent and habitable place.

How to turn a garage into a room cheap

garage into a bedroom

You will need:

  • Heating system
  • Electrical system
  • Wooden floor
  • Anti-mold paint
  • light-colored paints


The first step to transform our garage into a comfortable and elegant room is to free the room from any object at the present moment. Once the room is completely empty, it is possible to start designing what will become a new environment. So let’s start by checking if there is heating inside, which is very important not to be underestimated. Never make the mistake of postponing important jobs like this for the foreseeable future. Once the heating has been completed, it is necessary to rearrange the electrical system. Keep in mind that a garage does not have the same lighting needs as a room.

Refurbishment of the floor

Now the room is ready to move on to the next phase: the floor’s choice and installation. Generally, in the garages, there are rough concrete floors or made with grass tiles. At this point, our disposal possibilities are two: dismantle the old floor or cover it with the new one. If time is on our side, the first choice is certainly the best. Otherwise, the second solution is still excellent. A wooden floor can be ideal for a bedroom as it gives the room a sense of greater warmth and coziness.

Arrangement of the walls

The turn of the walls has come. If there is no humidity typical of the rooms located on the ground, it is possible to proceed with the painting work. Otherwise, it will be necessary to intervene according to the seriousness of the problem. Once the mold has been eliminated using special products and particular paints that prevent it from reforming, you can proceed with the actual painting of both the walls and of course the ceiling. To get a brighter room, it is better to opt for light colors. The new environment is now ready to be furnished according to those who will live there.

Carry out all-important work such as heating and electrical installation when the room is empty.


Depending on the size of the garage, the room can be small or large. If you want to divide the spaces, the most suitable and economical material is plasterboard to separate the rooms. If you have decided to make the separation, put doors to provide more privacy. And when building the bathroom, you can opt for a shower that saves more space than a bathtub.

But if there is something important when converting our garage into a room, after having conditioned the space and changed floors and walls, it is to furnish the place.

For this, there is nothing better than using multifunctional furniture with which we can save as much space as possible. Furniture and folding beds are very good for this, as well as sofa beds. In this way we will have everything we need in our house, saving money and space.

To convert a garage into a room cheap, you must have the advice of an architect, in addition to the corresponding licenses according to the City Council of your locality. Remember that no works can be done without these permits, so we recommend previously making the necessary visits to have a new home in a short time.

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