How to reroof a garage

The roof in general undergoes erosion due to impending atmospheric agents. But when it begins to age, it can begin to sag and leakage may occur. In the case of a garage roof, they would weaken it, damaging your car and other items stored inside it. Replacing a garage roof may seem like a daunting task, but if you have the proper tools and knowledge you can rebuild it yourself, saving a large amount of money in labor costs. Let’s see together how to reroof a garage.

How to reroof a garage?

how to reroof a garage

First, remove the old tiles from the roof, using a pitchfork and knocking them down. Please, pay particular attention that there is nobody around. Check the roof for any signs of damage. Nail the plywood sleeves which have unfortunately come loose. If any of them have holes or signs of rot, replace them with a new one. Lay the felt on the sheath. Start along the bottom edge of the roof and work your way up to the top, overlapping the edges of the roof by about two and a half centimeters. Secure the roofing felt with an automatic hammer, placing a nail every fifteen or twenty centimeters.

Attach the metal strips along the lower edges of the roof, next to the chimney and at each intersection of the various parts of the roof. These strips will prevent leaks from escaping. Now arrange the first row of tiles along the lower edge of the roof, positioning them so that the lower edge hangs about an inch above the edge. Secure them to the roof by inserting exactly four nails, spacing them evenly. Place the second row of tiles, always nailing them. Continue laying until you reach the top of the roof, then cover the top with flashings. Use a safety belt that can support you when working on the roof to increase safety and add an extra precaution.

However, you may find yourself in the position of having to repair a flat roof. To do this, start by cleaning the damaged area with a wire brush. Spread a layer of roofing concrete around the damaged area with the help of a trowel. Cut a piece of cover mesh, using shears, and overlap it on the damaged area, so as to cover it entirely. Spread layers of concrete over the mesh, working it through the mesh with a trowel. Cover the shirt entirely and let it dry. Good job!

Check the roof for any signs of damage. Use a safety belt that can support you when working on the roof to increase safety.

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