When to Call for Water Heater Services Columbus?

Whether you agree or not, we all have taken water heaters for granted, and it sure has taken a prime place in our houses. None realize it’s worth unless and until it gives off, leaving us to struggle. We become so used to the comfort of hot water that we rarely take notice of the issues or struggles that the water heater is experiencing. Although it is known for its cost-effectiveness and reliability, water heaters need replacement once in 10 years and if it is well-maintained, then they can be extended for another 2-4 years. If you want to add those extra years to your water heater, then schedule for regular water heater services Columbus.

Most of the homes have tank-type water heaters for it is best known for its reliability and efficiency. These types of heaters are powered either by electricity or gas, depending upon the easy availability and expenses. However, in recent times, homeowners have started to take notice of tankless water heater Columbus for their amazing features and benefits.

In a simpler term, the tankless water heater is also known as instantaneous water heaters, as hot water is always available on demand. You will no longer need huge or bulky space to fix your heaters because tankless water heaters are compact and are better in terms of efficiency. It offers a 90% energy efficiency rating which in the end saves energy, water, and money.

But no matter how advanced the water heater is, at some point, your heater is guaranteed to give issues. Although it comes with 10 years’ time, it does not mean 10 years’ repair-free days. To make sure you get the best out of your water heating system, you will have to take charge of a few important maintenance checks. And the most important point you must never ignore or avoid is to get help from the professionals of tankless water heaters in case of repairs or troubles.

Common Issues to Look Out For

The following are some of the water heater problems that every owner will face in their lifetime. Some issues may appear minor, whereas some may require professional help. Take a look at some of the following common water heater problems, which if you experience, get professional help immediately.

Not Enough Hot Water

If you have an electric water heater, then the first thing you must check is the power supply. See whether it is receiving enough power for the heater to operate. If the power supply is good and there is no hot water supply, then you will have to replace the water heater elements. The main reason can be because of the thermostat issues. However, the thermostat is pre-set in factories beforehand, but you will still need to set the temperature a little high during the cold days for better and efficient performance.

Water Leaking

If there is a leakage in the bottom of the tank, it can be because of a pressure issue or a simple condensation problem. The problem may range from minor to major, which can be confirmed only by experienced professionals.

Takes Time to Heat Water

The only disadvantage of an electric water heater is it takes a little more time to heat the water, but when compared to a regular tank water heater, the time should be much shorter. If you feel the time duration is long, then it can be because of issues with its internal parts.

Strange Noise

A little noise is common in the water heater, but when it becomes too much and is frequent, then it is a matter of concern. Get in touch with the technicians as soon as possible because of some major problems.

Low Water Pressure

When the water pressure becomes low, then without wasting any more time, call the technicians immediately. The reason is because of the plumbing issues which if ignored would cause severe damage to the heater.

If you are facing any of the above issues, then without wasting any time, get in touch with the experts of Ohio Water Heaters. They are the best technicians in and around Columbus and are available all seven days a week. You can reach them by dialing 614-881-5439.


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