How to properly clean and maintain copper

Copper products in the kitchen or in the bathroom have long been a sign of the good taste of the hostess, but this material requires rather a careful handling and care. Sinks, copper dishes are distinguished by excellent thermal conductivity and great appearance, but over time the metal oxidizes, which leads to the appearance of a dark patina and a loss of gloss and brightness.

In some cases, such “aged copper” is quite appropriate – such exterior elements as chimneys, weather vane, copper chimneys, parapets, and copper tides look great externally, giving your home nobility and high status. In the kitchen, the requirements are somewhat different – the dishes should always shine and have a great appearance, so a few tips for cleaning the metal will be appropriate for the housewives.

Cleaning copper at home

In order to give your copper products the initial shine, you can try using:

  1. Lemon or lime juice is great for getting rid of greenish oxide. Cut the fruit in half and rub the dark areas in half. Rinse off with warm water and wipe with a dry cloth.
  2. Natural tomato ketchup also helps a lot. We rub a copper product with it (if it is small, it is better to completely dip it in ketchup). Leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off the rest of the tomatoes with water.
  3. Salt-vinegar solution (two tablespoons of vinegar and salt per liter of water). Place the copper inside a container with this “mixture” and boil for 8-10 minutes. We take it out, rinse it with clean water and wipe it well with a clean cloth.
  4. A paste of talcum powder, vinegar, and fine sawdust. It is applied to the darkened areas and dries for several minutes, after which it is washed off and the product is wiped and polished.
  5. Also, products such as:
  6. pickle from cucumbers or sauerkraut;
  7. baking soda;
  8. milk whey, kefir, fermented baked milk, and some others.

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How to prevent copper stains and darkening

In order for your utensils and interior elements made of copper to please with a great appearance and do not require daily cleaning, you should adhere to some rules. When caring for copper, it is important not to forget that:

  • Moisture is a major contributor to oxidation and dark deposits, so dry cookware and brass ( forged brass ) thoroughly and dry after washing and cleaning.
  • Copper products should be stored in rooms with low air humidity.
  • Avoid contact with copper and other materials during storage.
  • Do not store food in copper dishes – they can also cause surface oxidation.
  • When cleaning, avoid using abrasive substances that can scratch the surface. It is better to use special soft cleaners and paper or cotton napkins.
  • use wooden or other spatulas that will not scratch the inner coating of the dishes;
  • use special cleaners for cleaning, but in their absence, you can use a mixture of water, fine salt, and flour;
  • wash copper dishes only in soapy water and by hand;
  • do not use chlorine-containing cleaners;
  • do not use abrasive pastes, metal brushes, and scouring pads, they can remove a layer of tin or a layer of stainless steel;
  • when preparing food, salt it after boiling water or a ready-made dish;
  • do not leave empty dishes on the included stove;
  • do not pour boiling water into dry dishes;
  • when oxidizing copper, use a special polish to restore shine to the dishes.

How to clean copper? The relevance of this issue is explained by the fact that products from this metal have been used by mankind for many centuries. For a long time, the value of this metal was so high that it was equated to gold. The development of technologies has led to the fact that it was possible to significantly reduce the cost of copper production. This made it possible to make not only jewelry from this metal but also dishes and interior items. The high popularity of this metal and alloys based on it is explained not only by its decorative effect but also by its unique characteristics – high plasticity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc.

By following these simple and affordable tips, you will save your personal time and money, and your copper products will retain their shine and beauty for years to come.

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