How to Choose a Combi Oven

Here are some considerations when buying a combination oven.

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How Many Ovens?

Combi units are known for being versatile. However, bear in mind that one single unit can’t perform two tasks at once. If you want to utilise your combi oven for separate functions simultaneously, go for two units which stack one on top of the other. Otherwise, you can just buy one oven knowing that different functions are only possible one at a time.

Boilerless Vs Steam Generator

A boilerless oven injects water straight into the heating element. It suits soft water.

A steam generator oven employs a tank for boiling water, creating steam that gets injected into the unit. It suits hard-water conditions. This unit needs more maintenance.

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How Many Baking Trays Do You Require?

The number of sheet pans you need depends on the volume of your output at times when traffic is at its busiest. So don’t just buy a size that suits your ‘normal’ business day. Always grade up. Combi ovens can fit from six to as many as 20 trays.

Gas vs Electric

Gas is generally more efficient, as open burner models transfer energy directly, heating the cavity immediately.

While electric units are usually cheaper, they are best kept for locations higher up where gas does not work so efficiently.

To source a Lincat combi oven check out suppliers such as

The Caterer explores combi ovens here:

Benefits of a Combi Oven

With combi ovens, you can do away with your holding cabinets, proofer and even slow cookers in favour of a smaller footprint and not so much kitchen equipment. As the footprint under the hood is less than having multiple units, space savings exist.

A combi unit can be utilised in three modes: steam, convection and combination cooking. By adding a steam cooker to convection oven cooking, you get plumper products – such as roast chicken, fish and steamed cakes – that look and taste better.


Check in your manual to find out which cleaning tablets or solutions you should use on your unit.

Because a combi oven employs water that gets used in the system, a filtration mechanism is necessary for the water coming in. Without this, you risk scale deposits. Cleaner water can make food taste better too!


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