Can I Sell My House Fast In 7 Days?

Short answer: yes!

Even better: you can sell your house fast in 5 days – or even less.

That sounds unbelievable. Right?

Houses in Florida generally stay 40-45 days on listings to even get an offer. What miracle would make it possible in 7 days?

It’s not a miracle. You can sell your house as fast as 7 days if you know where to look.

So, where should you look?

Keep reading to find the answer!

NOTE: before I discuss where to sell your house fast within 7 days, let’s see why it’s possible.

Why Is Selling House Fast Possible?

The reason is simple: the demand is greater than the supply. And unfortunately, the traditional process of finding agents, listing the home, preparing for inspection, and closing is just too long.

Homeowners want to cash out quickly to go on trips, move to new cities, pay fees, etc.

The need to get money ASAP eventually sprang up new ways to sell houses beyond using realtors. Now, homeowners can sell their homes themselves without the “middleman.”

Also, homeowners can sell houses to cash buyers. This is the fastest way to sell homes so far.

Sell Your Home Yourself Or To Cash Buyers: Which Is Better?

Selling Your Home Yourself

If you have the time and expertise, you can pull DIY sales. But it’s often not advisable.

Here’s why:

Regardless of the urgency of your money needs, you’ll still be emotionally attached to your home. Buyers would sense that and strong-arm you to a cheap sale.

Also, negotiations for homes can get pretty heated up. Being in the center of such might not be for you, especially if you’re a “cool” person.

Lastly, and most importantly, a DIY home sale isn’t always faster than hiring a realtor. Remember that you are emotionally attached to the home; you might not want to let go.

Emotions aside, the chances are that you’re not used to the paperwork of selling a home. Your inexperience will count against you and delay sales. That’s even if the buyer trusts you without an experienced “middleman”!

Selling Your Home To Cash Buyers

Cash buyers are the AUTHENTIC solution to selling homes fast. You don’t need prior real estate knowledge. Nor should you worry about negotiating directly with a customer.

The best part: you don’t even need to list anything to receive cash offers for your home. All you need to do is visit the website of a cash buyer and input your property details.

After that, you’ll get a fair offer within 24 hours.

Furthermore, you don’t have to spend more money to repair your home when you’re already low on cash. With cash buyers, you can sell your properties as is.


If I were you, I’d sell my house fast to cash buyers. The cash offer is fast. And payment can be made within a week after the home is sold as is or after repairs.

Additional Tips To Sell Your House Fast

NOTE: cash buyers offer quick payment for your home. But you can make the process even faster with the following tips.

  • Sell your house in May for the quickest offer in Florida – this is the peak of the home purchase season.
  • If you want the best deal in terms of prices, hold off on sales till June – this is the peak of demand.
  • Verify any cash buyer’s authenticity before dealing with them.

Overall, if you ever feel cheated in a deal, pull out. Indeed, the goal is to sell your house quickly. At the same time, you shouldn’t regret or feel exploited afterward.

In other words, work with a fair and transparent cash buyer.

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