The Over the Kitchen Shelves Add More Space – The Options That You Can Choose From

The kitchen is an essential part of the house, and it is crucial to arrange it well and keep it clean. However, it might so happen that at times you might feel that your kitchen doesn’t have ample space for storing the items you want to. That aside, you might also feel that there isn’t ample place for a dish drying rack. If that is your situation, then there is a chance that you will make a mess when you do your dishes. Do you resonate with this? If yes, then the chances are high that you require an over-the-sink shelf that will add more storage space. Additionally, it will also transform your kitchen and give it a new look.

The concept of the over-the-sink shelf

Simply put, an over the kitchen sink shelf looks charming and attractive. It can increase the value of your kitchen space, and anyone can start using it with minimal training. This shelf enables you to have a separate place to keep the soap and various other items that you need near to the kitchen sink. Also, you can have access to everything you need easily.

The choices to opt-in for

If you browse online and look around in physical stores, you will come across the best over the kitchen sink shelves. The market provides you with ample options, and you can choose depending on your preference. Some of the popular options to choose from include the following:

  • Opt-in for something wide

You shouldn’t get fooled by the minimalist style clean lines! The truth is, it still has ample potential for storage. The design hails from Japan and this wide shelf mostly comes with a wide body with a powder steel coating and a birchwood top. The shelf has the capacity to hold anything from a dish soap, spices to even coffee mugs. You can customize it as per your requirement.

  • A tiered rack

The only option that proves better than a trustworthy over-the-sink rack is probably a shelf that doubles up as the dish drying station. You will get bowl and dish racks if you get a manageable two-tiered stainless-steel organizer. It also comes with utility hooks, a fruit basket, and a utensil holder. If you opt-in for this, you can store all your sink-side essential easily.

  • A sustainable shelf

If you are searching for a classy looking sink shelf that is both environment-friendly and stylish, you can opt-in for one made of bamboo. And if you choose one that’s made of wood, make sure to seal the shelf for preventing the water from getting absorbed. It will also make sure that the finish doesn’t get faded.

  • A colorful shelf

Adding a dash of color will add a variety to your above-the-sink shelf. You can opt-in for a vibrant rack that showcases a scrolled wrought iron foundation along with a shelf that has wood tiles. It will provide ample storage space and create a visual appeal in the kitchen sink area.

  • A steel rack

Are you searching for a reasonably priced over-the-sink shelf which can enclose everything from the dishwashing supplies to the coffee mugs? If yes, then you can choose a streamlined steel rack that comes with hanging hooks for the mugs, in-built towel holder and an open-wire frame, where you can dry the dishes.

  • The multifunctional sink organizer

You shouldn’t ever undervalue the storage capacity that a multifunctional sink organizer can provide. Such a shelf usually gets designed having two baskets, shelves, utensils, hanging hooks, and a hand-towel holder. That is not all. Some manufacturers have come with multifunctional sink organizer that can assist as much as 100 pounds of kitchenware and dishes.

  • A decorative organizer

Are you searching for a useful and functional shelf which is also equally attractive and looks stylish? If yes, then you should say yes to a two-tiered rack. This shelf usually gets made of easy-to-clen and robust iron. Additionally, the shelf can hold as much as 10 pounds of the entire kitchen staples on its bottom shelf. It can also hold 5 pounds on top.

  • A store-savvy rack

If you are all set to opt-in for this shelf, other than having three tiers of the shelving, this shelf will also provide you with a utensil holder, hanging hooks, and a lower-shelf that comes with in-built trivets that can set the pans and hot pans.

These are some options that you can choose depending on your requirement, preference of shelf style, and your budget capacity.

Arranging your kitchen space requires careful planning and detailed observation. You can’t get it done in haste. It would help if you spent time realizing your need, assessing your kitchen sink space and its surrounding area, and choosing a shelf that will blend both form and function. The same applies when you have to select an above the sink shelf.

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