How to build a stone fireplace for a cabin? Step by step

In your house, the winters are very cold, and you would like to enjoy the cozy feeling that a fireplace transmits? Are you a handyman and are you willing to do it for yourself? We’ll discuss you to step by step how to build a stone fireplace for a cabin.

There is no better feeling in the world than to spend winters in the heat of a fireplace fire. Imagine evenings with family and friends accompanied by the sound and color of the fire. Maybe it’s time to install one in your house or do it yourself. Making a fireplace seems complex and expensive, but if you follow these simple tips, you will get it easily and economically.

How to build a stone fireplace for a cabin?

How to build a stone fireplace

Chimneys are often installed in a home and subsequently, have problems with the smoke it generates. This is due to bad construction and realization if everything is generated following a series of guidelines we will not have this type of problems. Our fireplace will work perfectly. Close the windows. If your windows have any problems, solve it.

So that there are no problems of smoke return, we will have to take into account:

  • The size of the throat of our Chimney.
  • The Lintel.
  • The highlight.
  • The dimensions of the smokestack of the Chimney.

If we do not take into account these data, the most likely thing is that the creation of our fireplace is an absolute failure.

You have to consult the local building experts when you start designing your fireplace. See if your community has its codes or if they are governed by rule 211 of the NFPA, the National Fire Protection Association. Its main requirements are that the chimney to be built is a minimum of 90 cm high on the structure. The other is that any fireplace requires at least 5 cm of space free of combustible material.

What materials to use to make a fireplace?

make a fireplace

Chimneys are usually made of brick or masonry. You will have to meditate on the size of the chimney you are going to build and the number of bricks you will need.

Also, think about the type of waste you will use for it and that the conduit of the same as the appropriate size for its dimensions. Also, this conduit must not have shapes or size of less than 15 cm above its exit base.

Determine a suitable width for the chimney flue. It depends on what is going to ventilate; we will have to have one width or another. You can observe the fire code, and there you will be specified the appropriate width for the type of chimney you are going to build.

You can use brick and masonry for your creation; there are also stainless steel pipes that will give a good result. All this will always depend on the format and type of fireplace that we will create.

How to make a stone fireplace?

Purchase the necessary materials for its construction, mortar, bricks, support pieces, etc. You will have to create a combustion chamber. It starts its creation from the ground.

Prepare a mixture of mortar that is fluid and appropriate to apply to each of your bricks and fix them with each other. Apply the appropriate amount to each of them, which overflows a bit from its extremes.

stone fireplace

A fireplace should always be built on a secure base. If you do not have this solid foundation, you can generate a concrete one to make sure it stays fixed and secure.

Create a conduit for your fireplace. You can do it with bricks or with metal tubes. You will also have to surround your fireplace with protective sheets where it connects to the wall. Seal these sheets with silicone so that they are well fixed and protected.

Then place a lid for the upper area of your fireplace. It can be made of stone or concrete. And after the task, you can enjoy your fireplace and the heat it will offer in the long winters.

You may have noticed that making a fireplace was not as simple as you thought and that you need the help of a chimney expert who throws a cable. If so, contact him and get down to work!

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