How to Decorate a Holiday Let

If you have a holiday home that you want to rent out, then a large part of making sure that people will enjoy their stay and want to return, is the décor. Holiday home décor has to walk a line between being easy to maintain and clean as well as comfortable and homely, with the facilities that people will expect.

Firstly, think about the people that will be coming to stay there and the way that you are marketing the property as well as its location. If your holiday home is geared up for families and is by the seaside, the décor that people will expect will be different to a remote holiday home for couples for example, or a luxury city apartment.

Furniture is important and you want to make sure that people are able to sit comfortably, sleep comfortably and store their belongings. Make sure that there is enough seating for the capacity of the home – for example if your property sleeps eight people, you need to make sure that there are enough seats for them all.

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Whether you choose to go for a vintage sofa like this or something that is functional and easy to keep clean like leather, make sure that there is adequate seating for everyone.

When it comes to beds, you also need to have the right amount for the capacity of the home. Many holiday lets find it useful to have single beds that can be pushed together to make a double, as this means that people can choose whether to have separate beds or not.

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Floor coverings are also an important consideration – it can be better to go for something that is easy to clean, like laminate or vinyl, especially in a family holiday home or one that allows pets. However, if you are targeting the luxury market, then a thick carpet or real wood flooring can be a better option.

Wall coverings and wall décor can help the house to feel like a home to guests, and choosing wall art with a theme can help to create the atmosphere and give an ambience to the property. Paint is often a better option than wallpaper when you are renting out a holiday let, as it is easier to clean and touch up if needed.

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