Replacing Your Windows? Prepare with These Tips

Homeowners choose to replace their windows for all manner of reasons. Maybe you want to increase the energy-efficiency of your home or update the look; perhaps some of your existing frames and windows are damaged.

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Whatever the reason, replacing your windows and doors is big job and it’s expensive too. It’s understandable that homeowners might be nervous about whether they have chosen the right supplier, but Which provides some step-by-step guidance to help you get it right.

Of course, if you choose a supplier who is a member of the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme, like Gloucester double glazing company Firmfix, then you will already have an added level of protection.

It’s a Dirty Job, But Someone Has to Do It

Any home improvement you carry out is going to cause some mess, and it’s no different when you’re replacing your windows. You should be prepared for this. When fitting day arrives make sure you’ve taken steps to protect other furniture in the room. Either cover it with dust sheets or move it into the garage or other storage facility in advance.

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It’s also going to be cold. While your installer might not remove all the old windows at the same time, there are going to times when your home is exposed to the elements.

Installing an entire replacement set of windows is also going to take some time if it is done right. Some firms only pay fitters a percentage from the jobs they complete, so they can tend to rush. If you’re looking for a Gloucester double glazing supplier certain Gloucester double glazing companies pay their staff by the hour – in essence, they’re incentivised to do a professional job.

Remove Fixtures and Fittings

Aside from keeping them clean, removing certain fixtures and fittings will make the job easier. Think about any curtains, nets, shutters, rails and pelmets, for example. It’s also useful to take down any pictures or wall decorations that might get knocked off.

Consider the outside of your home too, particularly if you’re replacing upstairs windows, as the fitters will need space to use ladders and perhaps scaffolding. Think about whether the fitters will be able to get access through gates, and make sure they’re unlocked on the day. Move any obstacles like bins or storage boxes.

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