How to choose the manual trash compactor? Full guideline

The trash compactors are perfectly integrated into the kitchen and only occupy the space of a piece of furniture, it has safety mechanisms for children. Ideal to reduce odors in your kitchen, reduce the volume and save expenses associated with the removal of garbage. One of the most cumbersome tasks, which consumes a lot of time every day and creates a bad smell in your home. It is to take waste or garbage out. In some houses, it is an obligation on a daily basis. So, one of the most useful devices to help in this task are trash compactors.

It is like a dishwasher but instead of washing the dishes it helps you to take out the garbage reducing its size and final volume. The metallic cylinder inside the compactor helps to reduce the trash by compressing it. These devices are environmentally friendly and very easy to handle. It also helps you save some money at the end of the month since you will use less plastic bags.

self contained trash compactor

Between the models that we see in the market, we can find the compactor Joseph Titan Rubbish Bin Compactor, the favorite of buyers. Made of high-quality stainless steel and a very elegant design ideal for minimalist kitchens. It is accompanied by an easy-to-use manual compression system with which you can reduce the volume of your garbage by up to 85%.

If what you are looking for is a cheaper option and you are not worried about the aesthetics we show you the UPP Compactor model built in lacquered metal bars, focused on garbage bins for outdoors.

As there are many types of trash compactors available on the market, it is often difficult to choose the best one of all. In this article, we will share with you several criticisms about some of the best auto and manual trash compactor.

Best trash compactor in the market

Best trash compactor

If we talk about compactors of organic waste, years ago perhaps few people would know what they are but recently the demand for these products has grown. It is becoming more common to become part of the basic equipment of any kitchen. It is true that these products are really practical and useful when it comes to eliminating household waste and even avoid mixing compacted waste, helping to recycle at home.

If you want to know these products first hand we invite you to take a look at our guide to buy the best waste and trash compactor, where you will know exactly what factors really matter when talking about these machines.

Purchase guide for compactors

They can be elegant and stylish designed to be placed in a kitchen, with excellent finishes. Normally they are usually put inside cabinets or drawers in the kitchen or pantry. Those that are designed for outdoors tend to be more robust and large.

Type of mechanism


Manual action with which you must exert pressure with your arms to compact the waste as much as possible. The automatic ones provided with an electric motor normally fed to the electrical network at 220v or perhaps with the battery in the most sophisticated models, these perform their function with the push of a button. The automatic ones are more comfortable since they do not require physical effort but on the contrary, they tend to be more expensive.

Fabrication material

Depending on the use and the area where you are going to use or store it would be convenient to know the material of which they are manufactured since if they are exposed to inclement weather they can deteriorate prematurely, becoming rusty or peeling if they are painted and they are not stainless steel.

The best manual trash compactors

Despite what we have told you today is not a very demanded product in homes it is difficult to find good offers if you want to have the advantages of this appliance we have selected for you some of the best trash compactors of 2018, with which to discover a new way to manage your waste.

Joseph Titan Rubbish Bin Compactor

Joseph Titan Rubbish Bin Compactor

Main advantages:

Its elegant design makes it the ideal choice for any kitchen (classic, modern, minimalist). Being made of stainless steel guarantees its firmness and robustness in addition to facilitating the cleaning of it. The excellent sealing of the lid prevents odors from escaping.

In turn, the handle and pedal are also made of metal and give a feeling of exceptional quality while its use is very comfortable and simple for anyone who is willing to make use of this bin of compactor.

Main disadvantages:

Its price is somewhat high perhaps not suitable for all budgets. Inside it has pieces of plastic that, although they do not affect its operation, detract from its elegance.

Durability and resistance are the most consistent advantages of this Joseph Titan domestic trash compactor. Together with its lever and pedal operation system, which is quite efficient in terms of the force required to operate it combined with the robustness offered by the steel.

Trash compactor in use

Replaceable filter

Integrated odor filter – It has an integrated compartment with the lid to house the replaceable carbon filter to trap odors.

Handle to compact

Hygienic and no dirt – The patented design ensures that only the inside of the garbage bag has contact with the waste while it is compacted, keeping the bucket clean.

Non-affiliated edges

It will not break your bags – The anti-scratch design will not crack or pinch plastic bags. Compatible with standard or adjustable size trash bags.

Compaction and storage

Unlike other compactors available in the market, the Joseph Titan has a storage capacity of 30L. They make it one of the largest in the market helping to decrease both the frequency and the frequency of having to change the waste bag, avoiding odors for longer.

Easy installation

You just have to choose the location to place it, open its top cover by pressing the pedal and place a bag fixing them at the indicated ends.

Stainless steel chassis

The material used for the manufacture of this product guarantees the durability and resistance with respect to time of use, the robustness necessary to crush and compact hard foods, such as bones. The manufacturer worked on a special alloy that could withstand great efforts to meet buyers’ expectations. In addition, they grant a 5-year guarantee for all the components of this compactor.

UPP – Trash compactor

UPP Trash compactor

Manual compactor for the large cubesThis product is a manual trash compactor focused on compressing waste generated in homes, offices, and businesses.

It is placed and supported on the edges of the common garbage can that you can have when pushing it, the pressure is generated downwards and thanks to an iron it will be responsible for crushing the remains deposited inside the cube.

Especially recommended for places where many kilos of waste are handled daily as in neighboring communities, buildings or urbanizations.

Its operation is really simple, you just have to hang it on the hinges of the garbage container and press down hard, in this way you will compact the garbage gaining space inside the cube.


Effort: Energy saving thanks to the lever, with less force greater pressure, is applied.

Construction: Very stable and robust, its structure is solid because it is made of metal.

Compatibility: Can be adapted in containers of 60, 120 or 240 liters capacity.

Savings: Avoid additional costs in garbage bags and/or transport together with lost time.


Transport and size: Perhaps due to its size it is difficult or uncomfortable to move it to be stored in the right place.

How does a trash compactor work?

A waste compactor is a machine or mechanism whose purpose is to reduce the size of the material discarded through compaction, it is usually used to help reduce the use of plastic bags. Ideal for sites where large amounts of waste are generated. It means savings in bags and also contributes to less polluting the environment.

Manual trash compactor

Its main function is to compress the deposited waste making it smaller and allowing the entry of more amount of garbage. They are very versatile and are designed to be used in multiple places such as kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, offices and waste areas.

They are useful for many types of material, including:

  • paperboard
  • plastic
  • boats
  • cans
  • drums
  • paper
  • organic waste
  • polystyrene



The remains are thrown through the opening of the compactor, where a pressing plate, usually made of metal. It will push the waste downwards compressing them at the same time until it is completely full.

Once full, the next time we introduce waste and the pressing plate pushes it, all the garbage will begin to be compressed by the force and pressure exerted by the machine. In this way, empty voids will disappear and the volume of waste will decrease at the same time as its density increases.


Manual trash compactor benefits

These compact and flexible machines, and because they occupy little space can deal with large amounts of waste. We tell you the main benefits:

It can reduce the volume of waste to a ratio of 5 to 1, converting 50 cubic meters of waste in only 10 cubic meters.

The waste is stored in an enclosed and airtight place, avoiding unpleasant odors or liquid spills. They are robust, durable and versatile, and can be used in different situations.

Improve your economy: save costs of plastic bags and travel costs to dispose of the bag.

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