House painting color combinations ideas

Painting is one of the most important things to keep in mind when remodeling or building a home, so you should always try to be careful when choosing what type of colors you want to use, since they must be of our pleasure and, in the same way, it is necessary that they harmonize with the decoration and the atmosphere of the home.

First of all, what should be done when choosing a color for a house division is to think about what kind of feeling you want to have in the home, this because the different colors that exist can have a considerable influence on our state of mind, stimulating several of our emotions such as pleasure or tranquility for such, the psychology of colors is being used more and more.

House painting color combinations ideas

House painting color combinations ideas


We do not know if it will be a trend for a long time, the fact is that this year it has become one of the most popular colors, and we give it our approval. For a bedroom combined with white, as the Deleite Design studio has done, it is perfect. Create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. If you like this color, the Bruger Harmony Pink that you can buy here interests you.


This is another perfect color to paint the house. A relaxing color that features low-intensity blue and green pigmentation. Thanks to these characteristics, it becomes a fresh and relaxing but sophisticated tone, perfect for any space, even for the most exclusive environments.


A strong color comes from the terracotta color but in a softer and more serene intensity, which makes it suitable for interiors. It combines perfectly with wood in all its tones and different environments.


Color within the palette of “Navy” or navy blue, which combined with white and wood tones, looks spectacular.


This shade of gray prevails with great force thanks to its low intensity and the innate elegance of gray tones.


A red with an elegant hue, almost like an English red, but less saturated that, combined with wood and beige tones, creates very modern and elegant spaces.


Another fashionable color to paint the house is this fresh and bright tone. A color that serves both to create a cool environment in a bathroom, give a retro air to a kitchen, or paint a children’s bedroom, among many other applications. Here you can see the colors that go with mint green.


The whites have once again prevailed in decoration. If you like it but it doesn’t quite convince you, the solution is in a shade of off-white. Much warmer than pure white, but just as elegant and bright, suitable for any style and environment. Suppose you liked this color, the Bruguer luminous white that you can buy here interests you.


This medium-intensity shade of gray has never stopped being a trend. A color widely used thanks to its luminosity and elegance, both for a living room and a kitchen or for a modern and sophisticated bathroom, as we see above these lines, in this hallway painted with white doors.


Pastel tones have been fashionable colors for a long time now, and among those tones, both pink, yellow, and, of course, blue is the most cutting-edge. This shade of light blue with a low/medium intensity serves to decorate any room, even if it is perfect for bedrooms, as it has a calming effect.


Yellows have become popular lately, so much so that many color “gurus” predicted that the Pantone 2018 color would be a shade of yellow. The fact that they were radically wrong does not mean that yellow tones are a trend. It is even rumored that millennial pink will soon be replaced by a pale yellow tone, known as Z Yellow.


Although blues have never stopped being fashionable, we have indeed seen how they have been dyed gray. Something that has happened to other colors, like pink or green. This shade of blue is still relaxing and fresh, but with a more elegant and serene undertone, and is one of the trend colors for painting children’s bedrooms.


We couldn’t make a list of trendy colors without adding beige. A color that in its lowest tone, as we see above these lines, sweeps social networks. Warm, bright and very welcoming, beige, especially with low intensity, a very soft beige, is suitable for any environment that needs warmth and luminosity.

House painting color combination places

House painting color combinations ideas

Living room

For living rooms, it is advisable to use those colors that convey comfort such as yellow, orange or ocher. Thus, you will have a pleasant environment with excellent light, which contributes to a great extent to have a good mood. Similarly, this type of color is often used in rooms where there is not much natural light.

Bathroom and office

It is true that white is one of the colors that are most used to paint several of the divisions of the house, however, its use is more appropriate when it comes to bathrooms or offices. This is because white is a color that means cleanliness and also has the property of energizing intellectual work. If this alternative is chosen, it should be noted that, in the decoration, it is best to do it with objects of other colors to avoid possible monotony.


The most preferable for bedrooms are colors that have relaxing effects like blue or green. P. In these divisions, red should be avoided if you want to rest since it tends to encourage activity. For children, primary colors are a great option.


In the kitchen, what you want is to have a clean feeling and, also, that the environment manages to awaken the appetite, so it is a good idea to mix a pale color, if it is not white, with strong and vibrant colors. like red or yellow.

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