What is cold intolerance?

Some people are highly sensitive to the cold. This isn’t just a normal feeling of being a bit chilly but much more severe. Others with chronic health conditions can also be more prone to feeling the cold. For those who are vulnerable or suffering from underlying health conditions, don’t get stuck in the cold this winter and consider Boiler Repair Cheltenham from a site like Blu Fish

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What causes it?

The temperature of your body is controlled by different body systems. The hypothalamus in the brain serves as a kind of thermostat for regulating temperature. Messages are sent to different parts of the body. This part of the brain is also in charge of the thyroid which is responsible for regulating the body’s metabolism. If the thyroid isn’t functioning correctly, your body won’t be able to burn the calories required for heat production.

Blood flow is another important factor for spreading warmth, along with fat. Poor circulation can affect the ability to feel warm. For someone experiencing an intolerance to cold, it could be caused by a number of health factors including:



Vascular problems

Hypothalamus disorders



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Being intolerant to the cold isn’t an illness but rather a symptom of something else that’s going on. How you can treat it depends a lot on the cause, which should be diagnosed by a doctor.

Suffering from cold intolerance can be made less unpleasant by following some tips. Dress well in winter, stay indoors and see your doctor.

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