What do I need a mortgage broker for?

When you are looking for a new property it is a tempting option to let the mortgage broker do all the work. In the past the mortgage world became sales driven as opposed to being prudently advised. In one way this was a good thing as it allowed for a much greater sense of competition. Lenders would compete for mortgages as opposed to carefully considering the amount that they could lend. This situation gave rise to the untenable ongoing problem of lending being beyond that of ninety percent. In some cases it exceeded even 100% of the property’s value. The credit crunch and crash of 2008 was caused as a direct result of this action.

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If you want to know about Mortgage Brokers and the use of them it’s best to keep up with the news and https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/news/mortgage is a great place to start. After the changes wrought by the outgoing Financial service agency and the more powerful incoming Financial Conduct Authority the world of mortgages changed forever. Now all of them had to be on an advised and not sold basis.

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There was some concern about Mortgage brokers and whether they would survive or not. Everyone had to have a professional qualification in mortgage advice rather than just being a good sales person. As a result many of them fell by the wayside. Now they are committed to getting you through the process and getting your the best mortgage. There is a charge for this.

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