How to decorate your minimalist dorm room

Minimalism is an aesthetic movement that originates in the middle of the last century due to the preference for the monumental and the excessive that was adopted by architects and designers (especially North Americans) after World War II. In short, the motto “what is less is more” can be indicated to characterize the minimalist dorm room. This notion of simplicity and plainness is an influence of artistic currents from northern Europe and Japan.

Decorate your minimalist dorm room

Today, the vast majority of residential buildings built are projected under minimalist concepts and, likewise, the design of their interiors. If you want to decorate your minimalist room to make it look more cozy and charming, Lamudi gives you the following tips.

Color type

minimalist dorm room

As desired in minimalism is to convey a feeling of tranquility, its color range is limited. Usually, white is used on large surfaces such as walls, ceilings, or tables in which black is combined, but always to a lesser extent. Gray is an alternative to white, but it can also be integrated with it.

For those who want to avoid excessive sobriety, it is possible to enliven the environment without disturbing the minimalist aesthetic by adding some objects or furniture in natural colors, such as green, brown or blue. Likewise, fiery colors can be included concerning small objects such as cushions.

Lately, the trend has emerged to have a single wall with an accent color and the others in white. This also helps to remedy any unwanted homogeneity.

Furniture and objects

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Round or voluptuous shapes can have a negative impact by suggesting movements. The minimalist environment wants to rest in a room. Therefore, it is preferable to have furniture or objects with defined lines. In addition, you should be careful not to take up too much space since one of the ways to achieve simplicity is to have a room without obstacles; that is, only the essentials should be in the minimalist dorm room.

It is an excellent idea to have furniture and objects of different textures, but always care that their colors do not create a noticeable contrast.


minimalist dorm room

The available natural lighting should be used in the best way. One of the alternatives for this is installing windows without frames or ornaments or placing a mirror next to them to reflect more light inside. As for artificial lighting, it is best not to have chandeliers and to choose ceiling lamps.

Hanging lamps should be in a harmonious relationship with the rest of the furniture in the minimalist dorm room. For this, the lamps should not be too bulky and have to be hung over the coffee or dining table.

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