Top Reasons to Use Pool Chemicals

Having a swimming pool opens doors to a pattern of life that improves human health. It is also a spot where people can gather to share fun activities. While swimming pools are a huge asset to a building both for aesthetics and other health benefits, its maintenance is important.

One effective method of maintaining a swimming pool is with the use of chemicals specifically made for swimming pools. If you use the right pool chemicals, you will find that the pool water will be clean and devoid of any contaminants.

Water contaminants are dangerous and can affect one’s health if not properly treated. If you are looking to apply these chemicals to your pool, using the right product and the appropriate quantity is recommended.

In this article, we will outline some of the benefits attached to the usage of these chemicals as well as where you can find them. Please read on as we explain more.

Recommended Pool Chemicals to Use

Here are some recommendations:

Muriatic Acid

This is a very effective chemical that is used in purifying swimming pools. Considered to be very strong, the muriatic acid controls pH levels and handles other decontamination procedures of a pool. Most people prefer to use this chemical over others due to its fast action.


This chemical is also very effective in the maintenance of swimming pools. Just like muriatic acids, borates also tolerate any form of increase that happens with water temperature. Maintaining water temperature makes borates an ideal option for home swimming pools with heaters. Other benefits attached to borates include:

  1. Reduction of dependence on chlorine: Borates prevent algae from thriving in swimming pools and chlorine is also used to check algae growth in pools. Therefore, applying borates means there won’t be need for the application of excessive chlorine.
  2. Maintenance of pH level: Borates maintain the pH level and do not prevent other chemicals from working.

Benefits of Using Chemicals in Swimming Pools

The following are some benefits attached to the usage:


A dirty pool can be identified from afar. This is even worse if it is not maintained regularly which leads to the growth of algae. The use of chemicals makes swimming pools clean and attractive to people. You will find that when the pool is clean, most people will want to have a dip in it.

If you need other tips on how to clean your swimming pool, you can check here.


They make the pool safe for human health. Sometimes, swimming pools may look clean from afar yet they contain contaminants and other deadly bacteria that are harmful to human health. A good way to prevent this kind of situation is through the use of good quality chemicals and adopting other maintenance measures.

Now that you know some of the benefits, we have also outlined some tips to help you find good quality products.

How to Find Chemicals for Your Swimming Pool

Here are some tips to guide you:

Check Local Stores

There are several chemical retail stores where you can find pool chemicals. You can check local stores in your area to see if they have the quality you need. One advantage of going to local stores to purchase is the opportunity to ask questions about the application of the chemicals. The retailer can also recommend other helpful measures you can take for proper maintenance.

Check Online

Most suppliers have websites where their products are boldly displayed for customers to see. You can search for suppliers around you or any other location that have good quality products. One good way to find reputable suppliers is to check comments and reviews from customers.

However, while online reviews and comments may help find credible suppliers, you need to be careful when screening them. This is because most fraudsters now generate fake reviews to deceive prospective customers. You can read up on how to identify fake reviews here:,%2C%20they’re%20likely%20untrue.


Having a clean and safe swimming pool requires regular maintenance and one good way to do this is with the use of swimming pool chemicals. In this article, you will find some of these chemicals as well as the benefits attached to using them.

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