Festive Thanksgiving Ornaments to Adorn Your Home with Fall Charm

The leaves are changing color, the air is getting cooler, and Pumpkin Spice everything is back on the shelves. That can only mean one thing – it’s almost Thanksgiving ornaments! Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season and is a time to reflect on what we’re grateful for as we gather with friends and family. Decorating your home for Thanksgiving is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. While Christmas decor tends to steal the show, there are so many creative ways to decorate for Thanksgiving as well. Warm autumn colors, natural elements from fall’s bountiful harvest, and nostalgic nods to traditional Thanksgiving symbols offer endless inspiration for Thanksgiving home decor.

Read on for festive Thanksgiving ornament ideas to adorn your home with fall charm and get you ready to host a holiday filled with gratitude, great food, and making memories with loved ones.

Traditional Thanksgiving Decorations

When you think of classic Thanksgiving decor, common symbols like cornucopias, pilgrims, turkeys, autumn leaves, and more likely come to mind. These nostalgic decorations hearken back to those elementary school Thanksgiving crafts and handprint turkeys. Embrace tradition and display these familiar Thanksgiving icons throughout your home.

Traditional Thanksgiving Decorations


A cornucopia, also known as a horn of plenty, is a symbol of the harvest’s bounty. Display fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, wheat, and other harvest foods overflowing from the horn’s opening. Opt for a classic wicker cornucopia or get creative and use a hollowed out pumpkin or squash. Place your cornucopia centerpiece on your dining table, coffee table, mantel, or anywhere else that needs a touch of Thanksgiving charm.

Mini cornucopias also make fun DIY projects. Fill small clay pots, paper cones, or mini wicker baskets with faux autumn greenery, berries, pinecones, and other faux or real harvest items. Cluster them together in the center of your table or scatter them around as part of your seasonal decor.


Representations of Pilgrims take us back to that first Thanksgiving feast in 1621. Display pilgrim figurines, candles, and other decor in traditional black, white, gold, and other autumnal colors. Look for designs featuring tall black hats, buckles shoes, and other pilgrim style accessories.

For a cute accent, adorn wreaths, garlands, and other decor with pilgrim hat shapes. You can also display plaques or wall signs with traditional pilgrim or Thanksgiving sayings like “Give Thanks” to embrace the old-fashioned theme.


No Thanksgiving decoration is more iconic than the turkey. Place turkey figurines around your home in colors like orange, brown, red, yellow, and more to embrace the colors of fall. For a fun twist, look for turkeys with pilgrim hats or expressions that show their nervousness about becoming the main course!

Turkey candle holders also make a great Thanksgiving decoration for your tablescape or mantel. Place a fat red candle in the center for a warm glow. If you have little ones, let them make construction paper turkeys to hang around the house or let their creativity loose with turkey handprint crafts.


Falling autumn leaves in rich shades of red, orange, yellow symbolize the change of season. Incorporate natural dried or faux leaves into your Thanksgiving decor. Autumn leaf garlands look great draped along your stair railing or mantel. Or fill glass bowls or vases with colorful leaves and place them around your home.

For an interactive activity, have kids make handprint leaf artwork to display. Help them trace their hand on construction paper, cut it out, and write what they’re thankful for on their leaf cutout. Hang them together on a bulletin board or attach them to a garland for a homemade, heartfelt Thanksgiving decoration.

Acorns and Pinecones

Acorns and pinecones are other natural items that make charming Thanksgiving decorations. Place them in bowls or Arrange them on your mantel or tablescape for organic texture. You can also tie them together with twine or floral wire to make hanging acorn and pinecone garlands. Paint or spray paint them metallic gold or silver for a glamorous touch.

Autumn Botanicals

Dried flowers, grasses, and plants in autumn colors also epitomize Thanksgiving decor. Display dried wheat, baby’s breath, magnolia leaves, curly willow branches, thistles, cattails, and protea in creative arrangements. Place them in containers like galvanized buckets, twig vases, or white washed terra cotta pots for a natural feel.

Hang dried wreaths and garlands featuring fall botanicals on your front door or interior doors. Muted tones of dried florals pair perfectly with classic Thanksgiving colors for timeless appeal. Let nature inspire your Thanksgiving decor by working in organic textures.

Colorful & Festive Thanksgiving Ornaments

Beyond natural autumn hues, go bold with vibrant colors and sparkling accents that spell out “celebration.” The holidays are a time for merriment and brightness, so have fun with playful Thanksgiving ornaments that add cheer throughout your home.

Metallic Accents

This decor in silver, gold, copper and other shimmering tones lend glamour to your Thanksgiving decor. Metallic pumpkins, leaves, and thankful signs have an elegant, festive look perfect for the holidays. Add dazzle with mirrored ornaments, beads, candlesticks, vases, and other metallic accessories.

Touches of shimmer pair nicely with natural textures and colors for a glam-meets-organic vibe. Gold, rose gold, silver, or copper charger plates also make a shiny statement at your Thanksgiving table when placed under your regular dinner plates.

Bold Colors

While autumnal orange, red, yellow, and brown make classic Thanksgiving palette picks, don’t be afraid to incorporate bold, vibrant hues as well. Think jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple. Mixing in bright, saturated colors enlivens your decor and feels celebratory.

Look for ornaments, candles, tableware, and other decorations in these rich colors. Or embrace the entire rainbow with multicolored leaves,Turkey figurines, table runners, and accents. The bold colors of fall provide so many opportunities to play with different color combinations.

You can contrast bright colors with neutral tones like cream and grey for balance. Or lean into the vibrant mood with an eclectic, maximalist style mashup of patterns and colors. Adding lively colors to your Thanksgiving decor makes any gathering feel fun and festive.

Polka Dots

Another whimsical way to incorporate color is with polka dot accents. Polka dot pumpkins in orange, green, blue, yellow, red, and more make a quirky addition to Thanksgiving decor. Or layer polka dot tablecloths, napkins, plates, and trim in different colors for retro charm.

Polka dots feel playful when combined with traditional plaids for table dressing. Hang polka dot wreaths, garlands, and ornaments for an easy way to work in bursts of color. Varying the scale of dots from large to mini also creates visual interest. A polka dot theme offers an upbeat twist on classic Thanksgiving colors.

Buffalo Plaid

Speaking of plaid, buffalo plaid is another pattern that screams Thanksgiving and cozy cabin vibes. The classic black and red buffalo check instantly conjures up images of blanket-draped laps by the fireplace and steaming mugs of apple cider.

Incorporate buffalo plaid into your Thanksgiving decor through table runners, pillows, blankets, and contrasting throw pillows. Checkered print also looks great on ornaments, ribbon, napkins, and candles too. Pair buffalo plaid with natural textures like wood and greenery for that rustic Thanksgiving cabin look.


Gingham is similar to buffalo check but with a smaller scale. Incorporating red, black, orange, green or blue gingham adds homespun charm with a touch of retro flair. Thanksgiving gingham aprons are a must for cooks prepping the big meal.

Use gingham print plates, napkins, tablecloths, placemats or chair fabric to dress up your Thanksgiving table. Gingham garlands, wreaths and trim also introduce cheery color to your decor. Pair gingham with mason jar candles, burlap, and chalkboard signs for a nostalgic farmhouse vibe.

Rustic & Natural Thanksgiving Decorations

Rustic & Natural Thanksgiving Decorations

Rustic, natural decor never goes out of style when it comes to fall and Thanksgiving. Earthy textures and organic materials like wood, burlap, stone, chalkboards, and galvanized metal conjure up cozy feelings. Bring the outside in by incorporating rustic elements into your Thanksgiving decor for an inviting look.

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs featuring Thanksgiving sayings, blessings, or turkey motifs make charming rustic accents. Display them on mantels, shelves, tables, or around your home. You can also hang them on twine for a homespun look. If you’re feeling crafty, make your own wooden sign decorated with paint, stamps, stencils, or other embellishments.


Incorporate rustic black chalkboards into your Thanksgiving home decor for functionality and farmhouse flair. Mount small chalkboards on the wall to write daily gratitude lists or menu details. Prop up mini chalkboards on tables for guests to leave notes or doodle on.

Large framed chalkboards also work for displaying seasonal quotes like “Give Thanks” or your Thanksgiving menu. For a personal touch, have kids decorate colorful chalkboard shapes with uplifting blessings to mount on the wall. The handmade imperfection adds character and thoughtful meaning.

Galvanized Metal

Galvanized metal buckets, watering cans, tubs, and crates have an industrial edge. Fill them with faux autumn florals, berries, pinecones, and foraged branches from nature. The metallic sheen plays nicely with natural textures like twigs and feathers.

Metal turkeys or letters spelling “Give Thanks” make unique galvanized decorations to display. You can also decorate galvanized pieces by tying burlap, ribbon, or raffia around them for rustic flair.

Wood Crates

Stacked wooden crates feel reminiscent of farmers markets filled with the season’s bounty. Use real vintage crates or faux ones to build towers. Display harvest fruits, vegetables, baked goods, flowers, or candles in the crates for imperfect adorable charm.

Small individual crates make handy decor for holding napkins, flatware, or condiments at each place setting. Line them with gingham, burlap, or scraps of old book pages for eclectic texture. Wood crates offer endless possibilities for creative and casual Thanksgiving decor.

Twine & Burlap

Speaking of burlap – incorporating burlap fabric and twine into your decor adds natural texture with rustic appeal. Wrap burlap around vases, candles, pumpkins, and mason jars for a homespun look. Tie it off with jute twine bows.

Drape burlap runners down your table or stair railing. Hang mini burlap wreaths tied with twine on cabinet doors. Display Thanksgiving sayings on burlap banners made from old sack fabric. You can even craft simple burlap pillow covers for your sofa or chairs. Burlap and twine pair perfectly with worn wood for that cozy farmhouse style.

Dried Botanicals & Florals

Dried flowers, grasses, and plants lend gorgeous organic texture. Display them in galvanized buckets, ceramic jugs, or any interesting vessel. Natural dried botanicals in autumnal colors exude Thanksgiving charm.

Spill large arrangements down the center of your table or cluster smaller vases together for impact. Hang mini dried wreaths or swags over windows and artwork. Work foraged finds like leaves, acorns, and seed pods into the mix as well. Let nature inspire your Thanksgiving decor with organic textures everywhere.

Fun DIY Thanksgiving Ornaments

Part of the pleasure of Thanksgiving decor is in creating it yourself. DIY Thanksgiving ornaments allow you to add personal touches that reflect your style. Tap into your creativity and have fun crafting unique decorations with family or friends. Here are ideas to spark inspiration for making magical Thanksgiving memories while decorating your heart out.

Painted Wood Ornaments

Turn simple wood shapes like circles, stars, turkeys, leaves into festive folk art ornaments with paint and other embellishments. Paint them in metallic hues like copper, rose gold, and champagne for glamorous flair. Add polka dots, buffalo plaid patterns, trees, and other motifs with paint pens. Personalize with names, dates, or blessings. Attach ribbon to hang on your tree or around the home.

Felt Ornaments

Felt is another fun material for creating Thanksgiving decorations. Cut out leaf and turkey shapes from fall-colored felt. Decorate them with embroidery floss, pom poms, buttons, fabric scraps, googly eyes, and anything else that inspires you. Display them on dowels in vases or group them into garlands and bunting. Felt ornaments also make sweet gift tags and package toppers.

Clay Ornaments

For a thoughtful DIY gift idea, make air dry clay ornaments etched with “Thankful” or “Grateful” sentiments. Roll out the clay and use cookie cutters, stencils, or freehand tools to imprint them. Add ribbon loops for hanging. Bake according to package directions to dry the ornaments, then paint them in metallic, buffalo plaid, or other festive designs.

Paper Mache

Craft mini paper mache pumpkins for a fun Thanksgiving project. Blow up orange balloons and use strips of torn newspaper dipped in glue/water mixture to cover them in papier mache. Pop the balloons when dry and paint or decouage them with scrapbook paper, burlap, or other decorative materials. Add stems and leaves made from twisted pipe cleaners. Cluster them together in a bowl for Thanksgiving charm.

Nature Prints

Preserve beautiful leaves, ferns, grasses, and flowers by using nature’s bounty to make decorative keepsakes. Collect gorgeous specimens and gently brush tempera paint over them. Press onto paper or canvas to transfer the leaf prints and let dry. Hang in grouping or give as Thanksgiving hostess gifts.

Pom Pom Garlands

Craft colorful pom pom garlands using yarn in festive fall colors. Wrap yarn around cardboard donut shape, cut to make ties, then fluff into pom poms. Attach them to string lights or twine with mini craft rings to create a fun and festive garland. Pom poms can also adorn packages, wreaths, and tablescapes.

Fun DIY Thanksgiving Ornaments

Creative Ways to Decorate Different Areas for Thanksgiving

Now that you’re feeling inspired to craft and decorate, let’s explore tips for adorning specific areas of your home with Thanksgiving cheer.


Welcome guests with autumnal style in your entryway. Hang a Thanksgiving wreath made from dried flowers, leaves, berries, and natural elements. Display a cute pilgrim figurine or wood “Give Thanks” plaque. Toss some plaid throw pillows on bench seating and set out a basket of autumn-colored pom pom garlands for an instant festive feel.

Windows & Doorways

Adorn windows and doorways to set the seasonal tone both inside and outside your home. Hang gingham curtains or valences over the windows. Affix autumn leaf window decals or clings for easy accents.

Outdoor window flower boxes are perfect for overflowing with colorful chrysanthemums, pansies, and ornamental kale. For the front door, make your own mini wreath from real or faux leaves hot glued to grapevine forms. Add pops of metallic spray paint or glitter for sparkle.

Tie burlap bows around interior doors or hang them with wooden bead garlands. Paint or stencil turkey silhouettes on doorwindows for cheery cutouts peering inside.


The mantel is prime real estate for showcasing Thanksgiving style. Flank candles with sprays of wheat, dried flowers, or autumn garlands. Prop vintage books and botanical prints with cornucopia or autumn motifs.

Display a round wreath as the focal point, with trailing vines and colorful leaves that drape gracefully. Set out ceramic turkeys, acorn tins, or a carved wood “Bless This Home” sign for tradition. Accent with a plaid runner and fresh fruits like pomegranates and kumquats for organic texture.


For grand spiraling staircases or narrow galley styles, a garland is an ideal way to decorate for Thanksgiving. Choose sturdy greenery like magnolia, cedar, noble fir, or holly so it can cascade elegantly down the length of the stairs. Accent with bright berries, feathers, ornaments, and gourds tied on with floral wire or ribbon.

For farmhouse flair, use a burlap garland adorned with leaf cutouts or tiny pumpkins. Light it up by weaving twinkle lights or candlelanterns throughout. A beautiful stair garland instantly infuses your entryway with Thanksgiving spirit.

Kitchens & Dining Rooms

As the heart of any home, the kitchen and dining room deserve special Thanksgiving embellishments. For the dining table, layer runners like gingham and burlap for dimension. Roll silverware in cloth napkins secured with wooden rings or sprigs of rosemary.

Choose a natural linen tablecloth and add lovely touches like pine sprig place cards and acorn name card holders. Select autumnal hued dinnerware to complement the linens. Greens, oranges, deep reds, and navies make beautiful table palette picks.

Hang a dried wreath over the dining table for organic texture overhead. For the kitchen, display wooden cutting boards etched with blessings. Line the counter with mini gourd and pumpkin vignettes next to thyme plants and olive oil cruets. Hang a “Thankful” embroidery hoop art or chalkboard.

Thanksgiving Decorating Tips and Tricks

As you deck out your home for Thanksgiving entertaining, keep these decorating tips and tricks in mind:

  • Incorporate scent with candles, diffusers, or simmer pots featuring notes like pumpkin spice, apple cider, cloves, and nutmeg. Scent triggers memories and sets the seasonal mood.
  • Add whimsy with unexpected contrasts like glittery acorns, neon polka dot pillows, or animal figurines wearing pilgrim hats.
  • Repurpose what you have – Hollow out pumpkins from Halloween to use as vases. Reuse mason jars or turn real vintage books into textural risers.
  • Mix high and low – Blend fancy touches like metallic chargers and ornate cornucopias with inexpensive burlap, twine, and wood. The contrast creates visual depth.
  • Light it up – Use flickering candles, string lights, lanterns, and natural sunlight to create a cozy, welcoming glow.
  • Ask guests to bring decor – Have everyone contribute carafes, wreaths, centerpieces, or other festive touches. It takes the pressure off you to decorate everything!

Enjoy the Process of Decorating for Thanksgiving

However you choose to decorate this Thanksgiving, embrace the anticipatory joy it brings. Decorating your home for those you love helps build excitement and set the stage for meaningful memories made.

Have fun with the process – play your favorite music, savor a glass of wine, and make it a relaxing creative endeavor. While Halloween may have more elaborate decor, Thanksgiving gives you permission to keep things simple. Transform your Thanksgiving celebration with charming Turkey Centerpieces, where a little bit of effort goes a long way in creating a special holiday ambiance without the stress of intricate decorations. This Thanksgiving, may your home and heart be filled with gratitude, generosity, and the love of gathering with those who matter most.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are some good Thanksgiving color schemes?

Classic Thanksgiving colors include orange, red, brown, yellow, green, and neutrals like black, white, cream, and grey. Mixing metallic accents, buffalo check, or bright fall colors keeps things fresh.

When should I decorate my home for Thanksgiving?

Most people decorate 1-2 weeks before Thanksgiving. However, you can decorate as early as late October or even right before Thanksgiving day if you’re crunched for time.

What decorations are trending for Thanksgiving 2023?

This year’s popular Thanksgiving decor trends include bold colors like jewel tones, disco balls and glam mirrored accents, boards and charcuterie displays, natural dried botanicals, and foraged elements.

How do I create a Thanksgiving tablescape?

Use layered linens in gingham, burlap, or seasonal patterns. Incorporate textural elements like wood crates, woven placemats, and floral arrangements. Add candles, napkin rings, and creative name card holders. Display fruits, veggies, flowers, wreaths, and other harvest-inspired centrepieces.

Where can I buy inexpensive Thanksgiving decorations?

Check out dollar stores, discount shops like Target and Walmart, or craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby for affordable Thanksgiving decor. Shop sales to save money. Repurposing what you already have is also budget-friendly.

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