How to make an infinity scarf on a loom

The knitting loom is circular or rectangular sheets that allow you to work the wool just like the knife. The advantage lies in the fact that work can be left at any time without the fear that escapes from the irons. These are really practical tools that allow obtaining almost perfect results. In the following guide, we will show you How to make an infinity scarf on a loom. So let’s see, step by step, how to proceed to create a beautiful and colorful scarf.

How to make an infinity scarf on a loom?

You need:

  • Wool
  • Crochet
  • Knitting Loom

How to make an infinity scarf on a loom

Start the task

The first thing to do is to get a knitting loom, easily purchased on the internet, and wool of the color and thickness desired. Then make a slip knot, the classic knot to start any crochet work with wool, and then fasten the noose in the first peg. Take care to leave the end of the free wire inserted inside the frame. After positioning the thread at the beginning of work, continue wrapping the wool around all the pegs of the frame.

  1. Cut out a long wool knit strip, 60 cm high and about a meter and a half long.
  2. Fold the strip in two lengthwise, right versus right.
  3. Sew the scarf on the long side and then turn it upside down.
  4. Now comes the difficult: turn a scarf on itself. You do not have to take a complete tour but only a half. You have to find the ends of the side seams on the two opposite sides.
  5. Join the scarf pieces to form a ring. Join the edges straight against the front and start sewing them together starting from any point.
  6. The scarf will begin to wrap and roll up. Continue until you make it and then remove it from the car.
  7. Straighten the scarf arrange it with your hands.

The hole that remains in the seam can leave it as it is or sew it by hand with an invisible stitch. But if you do you will have a year of bad luck.

Wrap the wool around the frame

Wrap the wool around the frame

To wrap wool around the frame, you need to follow a precise order. The winding movement must meander around each peg, proceeding in this way until the last peg located at the top right. At this point, the wool must be wrapped around all the pegs in the opposite direction, coming back. The movement is the same as we did on the first lap: turn therefore until you reach the starting peg. Now by helping you with the special crochet hook that is sold with the loom, you have to pass the metal tip below the first round of wool. Once this is done, lift the wool over the second round on the first rung. Slide it out of the peg and release it: you will have obtained the first point of the work.

Finish the task

Proceed in the same way by lifting the first round of wool for all the pegs of the frame. When you have raised all the points, lower them with your fingers into the frame to make room for the next round of wool. Wrap the wool around all the pegs again and then with the crochet hook up the bottom row of wool, as before. After completing a few laps, you will see from the bottom of the frame your scarf take shape. Proceed as described up to the desired length. As you proceed, the work of wrapping and raising the stitches will become almost mechanical. The result will be a beautiful endless scarf made with your hands.

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